January Message from Gloria Petrea

Welcome 2021! A long, awaited New Year. Now, we kick off the last four months of our Moose year.

We jump right into things with January. This month brings the beginning of our Nomination and Election procedures for the 2021-2022 Chapter year. Our new Election Handbook is on the Moose International website in Forms & Documents. It is important for all to carefully read this handbook. We sincerely want our chapters to have a smooth Nomination and Election process and the information in this handbook will be most helpful.

January is a good time for a review of the chapter. Are any 114’s still waiting to be submitted from the meetings held May through December 2020?  Have the fund raisers thus far been completed and reported/submitted on the 166 forms? Did the chapter either make or submit the 2020 Annual Conference donations? Are your members aware of the requirements for earning the Award of Achievement? Make sure to share this information with the co-workers and let them know where the chapter stands in meeting these requirements. A review now could make a difference in the outcome of the 2020-2021 chapter year.

Our chapters and lodges continue to weather the Covid-19 pandemic.  Due to virus exposure or state and local mandates, many of our units have dealt with numerous closures throughout the last 10 months. Yet, our members still carry on. During the holidays our members have provided assistance in their communities with clothing and gifts for children and multiple meals for families. Some partnered with charities, or local agencies, to see their efforts go further in providing as much as possible for those in need. Thank you for showing others what being a Moose means.

In our Moose Homes we have seen members looking out for other members. Not only are members checking in with each other more, but many are doing whatever they safely can to help the members who become ill. Simple things like providing hot soup or picking up items from the store make a difference to a member that is ill. Thank you for living Moose.

I wish the best and brightest to all for the New Year before us. Let us do our part to make it a great year.

Sincerely yours,

Gloria D. Petrea
Grand Regent