January Message from Dan Gooch

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2023.

January has been set aside as “Moose Legion Honor Month.” This is a time to celebrate everything Moose Legion. It is a time to acknowledge those Men that have taken the “Next Step in Fraternalism,” whether they were just conferred, or have been elevated to be Fellows or Pilgrims. We all took that first step by joining the Moose Legion.

Moose Legionnaires are known for their “Get-R-Done” attitude. Never asking for recognition, just wanting to “Make it Happen.” As Past International Moose Legion President Bruce Berger always said, “They are the movers and shakers of the Moose.”

Hopefully, every Lodge acknowledges the importance of the Moose Legion, but especially in January:

  • Possibly have a dinner, free if you are a Moose Legionnaire. Set the table with cloth table cover and real silverware and plates just for Moose Legionnaires.
  • Hold a Special Conferral in honor of your “Moose Legionnaire of the Year.”
  • Present awards that may have been earned, things like the Key Club, Medals of Honor and Elite Rings.

Other men of the lodge may ask, “What makes the Moose Legion so special?” Wherever and whatever the need, Moose Legionnaires are actively involved. This is a great opportunity to promote the Moose Legion.

There are many ways to say “Thank You” to those dedicated men of the Moose Legion.

Let’s “Make it Happen.” Why? “Because We Care.”

Dan Gooch – International Moose Legion President