January Message from Cathy Funkey

Happy New Year! Does anyone else feel like 2022 flew by? It sure has for me. I am more than halfway through my journey as Grand Regent and I can see the finish line at the end of my “road not taken” peeking out in the distance. And that is a good thing. Soon it will be time to congratulate a new Grand Regent and join in her celebration.

January is the historical month to make resolutions for the new year. I think we make some resolutions after a month of parties, food and more food. Resolutions are great, but many of them fail because we make big leaps instead of baby steps to be successful.

The same can hold true as we enter the “home stretch” for this Chapter year. Perhaps there are goals you have not met, or you are disappointed with how this Chapter year has been progressing. There is still time to meet your 2022-23 goals.

This is the time to prepare for a successful 2023-24 Chapter Year. The choices you make in your Nominating Meetings will set the foundation for the next Chapter year. Discuss the roles and responsibilities of our Officers and Chairmen during your next meeting or have a special meeting specifically to discuss that topic. Don’t just “fill in the blanks” with someone who may create problems later on.

If you are having problems getting nominees, brag about what your Chapter does to support your Community, Mooseheart and Moosehaven when you are in the Social Quarters. Please contact your Chapter Advocate if you have questions about the election process.

Make January the first step towards an amazing year.