February Message from Kimberly Pettit

Well, I almost missed the beginning of the year…okay I know it is January 30 and the month is all most over, but I can still wish all our fantastic members “HAPPY 2018!”

I usually don’t set any New Year Resolutions as within minutes I have broken them, but I did this year. My resolutions are to be healthier and happier, take off 30-40 lbs, exercise by walking, and to smile more at everyone I meet. I usually journal all year, and I have lots of them in boxes from the sixth grade to now, but my journal this year is writing down my blood sugars and my walking time with a few remarks.  I started January 2, 2018, and have documented in my Journal and on Facebook, because you see, I need all of you to keep me on the right track so I don’t break these resolutions.  It is like everything we do in the Moose, we need each other to be successful in our Chapter year.  If we are there for all our members we are a successful group, the Chapter grows, members participate, we are having fun, eating together, planning all kinds of activities together that we don’t have time to dwell on the gossip running around the corners of our Lodge homes.  My friends, yes, I consider all of you my friends, but as I have said before we don’t all have to be besties to be a successful Chapter.  We need to learn to respect and work with each other at all times towards our mission of supporting Mooseheart, Moosehaven and our communities.  We should be united in our goals so the Chapter earns the Award of Achievement and we should uplift the Co-workers working for their personal honors. The important thing is to work together for everyone’s success.

That said, FEBRUARY, the month of LOVE, is almost upon us. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO ALL OUR MEMBERS. There are so many things going on in all the Chapters this month; selling the Rockers for the Endowment fund, Valentine dances and dinners, Mid-year Conferences, and making plans to attend the International Conference in New Orleans. Share the LOVE and have FUN!

This is also the time for nominations and elections for 2018-19.  Have you announced the dates, time and place of the first, second and third Nominating Committee meetings, as well as the names of the co-workers serving as your Nominating Committee?  At the second meeting in January you should have asked co-workers to submit names for consideration to serve as an officer. The first Nominating Committee meeting shall be held during the first two weeks of February (prior to the 15th) with the second and third meetings held after February 15th.   Make sure all Nominating meetings are announced at Chapter meetings prior to the date held and that you hold them before the first meeting in March.  At the first meeting in March the FINAL Slate of Nominees is read to the Chapter.  At the second meeting in March (two weeks later) Elections are held and then anytime in April you hold the Installation of Officers. WOW!  We’ll be busy!  Plan ahead to stay organized and productive.

Remember co-workers, always have lots of fun even when you are working hard at completing your Chapter year.  The next few months are going to be busy for you as well as for me, but I promise to stay in touch with you either here on the Moose Website or check out my “Travels of the Grand Regent” page on Facebook.  Follow Tiddlywinks and me as we visit Macon, GA, New Orleans, LA, Cedar Rapids, IA, Harrisburg, PA and then Ontario, Canada.

I am here for you……Love to all, have a fantastic February and March!

Grand Regent Kim