Embrace Our Community: Campaign Incentives

“Embrace our Community” highlights the good that our Fraternity has provided to our local communities for the past 100+ years and promotes what we will continue to do into the future. We embrace our communities with awareness of the Moose, ask how we as a Fraternity can assist, and invite them to join us in support of their/our community.

Lodge and Moose Legion printed campaign materials have been mailed out and can be found in the Forms/Documents section of the website.

Chapters and Moose Legions will automatically receive an initial supply. All orders will be shipped after May 1.

No Application Fee for Online Applications with Two Year’s Dues

Beginning today, the $20 application fee will be waived for new and re-enrolled members who sign up to join a lodge through the online application for two years. This promotion is scheduled to run through December 31, 2024. Only individuals who are signed through the ONLINE application and commit to TWO years will have the application fee waived. All other applications will still incur the $20 fee. The online application is available on www.beamoose.org or can be accessed through the Moose Membership Mobile App (see instructions here). This promotional flyer may be used in newsletters, on websites and online promotions, or can be printed and placed in the lodge.

Lodge “Plus One” Incentive Offered

The Moose International Board of Directors has approved a new incentive for fiscal year 2024-25 that will rebate the ABCD portion of dues paid to Moose International ($38) for every member over the lodge’s final active member count from fiscal year 2023-24 (which ended on April 30, 2024). For example, if a lodge has a final active member count of 100 at midnight on April 30, 2024, and has a final active member count of 115 at midnight on April 30, 2025, the lodge would receive $570 back from Moose International. Lodges achieving a gain of 1-29 members will receive the credit to their A/R, while lodges achieving a gain of 30+ members will receive a check following the end of this next fiscal year. There is no cap or limit to the number of cash rebates a lodge can earn. Additional information will be available soon on the Moose International website, in Moose magazine, and in future Official Communications.