New Electronic Membership Application Goes Live

During the 2019 International Moose Convention in Las Vegas, Director General Scott Hart announced that a new, electronic version of the Moose Membership Application would be available for use following the meeting. The application, which can be used from any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer with an internet browser and connection, makes signing new members easier.

Please read the General Information listed below for details regarding this new form of membership application:

  • There is no change to the essential rules of membership by using the electronic application. Prospective members must still be invited to join, they will be investigated by the Application Review Committee, and the lodge/chapter will still vote to accept/reject candidates during the monthly meetings.
  • The electronic membership application can be accessed within the Member Information/Campaigns section of the Moose International website  or by going directly to
  • The application will work on any desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone with internet access.
  • Only new or re-enrolled applicants for the Loyal Order of Moose or the Women of the Moose may be processed through the electronic application at this time. The Moose Legion application may be added at a future date, but is not available now. Reinstatements may not be made electronically.
  • If a former member does not have his/her Moose ID#, they may be added as a new applicant.
  • Some information requested on the paper application does not appear on the electronic application. If a lodge retains that information, it must reach out to the new member in order to collect it.
  • The applicant (or someone willing) must be able to pay the application fee and dues amount via a VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card at the time they apply.
  • All payments go through an independent, secure, third-party processor into a merchant account set-up at Moose International. Moose International does not keep any credit card information.
  • All fees are processed as U.S. currency, even Canadian-based applications.
  • If the lodge/chapter is running a membership special (i.e. – lodge pays application fee), this promotion will not be reflected on the electronic application and accommodations will have to be made with the new member in some other manner.
  • Members may sponsor applicants into any lodge/chapter within the Fraternity and will receive the same sponsor credit and Member Rewards points as they are getting now. Additionally, the electronic application will automatically populate the fees and dues fields of the application once a lodge or chapter is selected.
  • Current members who are seeking to become members in more than one lodge may use this application. They will enter their member ID# and name when asked on the first screen and will be able to apply for membership in any other lodge/chapter for which they do not maintain a current membership. The Former Member Acknowledgement check-box will appear on the application screen, but those applying for a multiple membership need not check this box.
  • A new, three-minute video is included on the Mobile Application page for those sponsoring members who may need help in describing the Fraternity and what we do. It includes information on the three major missions of the Moose – helping children in need; assisting our seniors; and responding to the needs of the communities in which we operate – as well as outlining the benefits of lodge/chapter membership.
  • To complete a mobile application, the prospect must check (and preferably read) the box that notes the “Obligation of Membership.” By checking this box, the prospect is providing an electronic signature acknowledging the basic tenets of membership.
  • When the sponsor or candidate submits an application, a receipt of the transaction will appear on the screen and will also be sent automatically to the email listed on the application, if provided.
  • Printed applications may still be used and that process does not change.

For questions regarding the Moose Mobile Membership Application, please contact your Territory Manager or call the Moose International Member Service Center at 630-906-3658.