December Message from Dan Gooch

Our Moose Legion Conference in Jacksonville, Florida was greeted by Hurricane “Nicole.” Once the rains and winds subsided, the sun came out and we enjoyed a beautiful weekend. We had some informal presentations during the day on Friday. That was followed by a fun evening. Saturday brought us to Moosehaven for their Annual Chili Cook-Off. A visit from NASCAR Driver and Moose member Ross Chastain rounded out our day on Campus. Saturday evening, we celebrated our veterans with an Honor Guard from Jacksonville Naval Air Station presenting the Colors to open the evening. Dinner and a program followed which was highlighted with the ritual results.

Congratulations go out to the Tar Heel Moose Legion team as our new “Champions.” After they were announced, “Grumpy” proclaimed that “ALL that competed were Champions.” What about the “ritual widows and helpers?” They too are “Champions.” They act as coaches, word judges, and other tasks to help their team achieve great heights in the Ritual Program. What about the Ritual Judging Team?  They are Champions for their tireless effort to see that the “Next Step in Fraternalism” is presented with enthusiasm. Hopefully you can see where I am going with this. Grumpy’s statement made me think about the other Moose Legionnaires that were in attendance. We are ALL “Champions” for what we do for this great fraternity we call the Moose. Moose Legionnaires represented their jurisdictions, listened, asked questions, shared ideas, and generated enthusiasm for our program. They took notes to take back information to their jurisdictions. A special thank you to the “Champions” of Seminole Moose Legion for being our hosts!

Let’s all continue being Champions as this calendar year comes to a close. Keep on working to promote the Moose Legion and everything we stand for so that we will finish our fiscal year in a positive position.

Enjoy your holidays! Let’s “Make it Happen.” Why? “Because We Care.”

Dan Gooch – International Moose Legion President