December Message from Bob Neff

We have had many accomplishments during this year already as we work to Create our Future, not just for ourselves but for those who will follow us. Each member who renews their dues makes a difference. Every time we reach out to an expired or expiring member and encourage them to renew it makes a difference.

It is easy to get focused on bringing in new members. And, we really do need to do that. However, our greatest opportunity to build is in retaining the core group we already have. To do that many things are necessary. We need to welcome new members in with a proper orientation / conferral that tells our story. Conducting properly organized meetings that start timely, accomplish the goal of conducting business and spreading our message, followed by ending timely add a positive element to program as well.

We also need to offer the members and their families a reason to come back to our meetings and functions. Having fun by participating in social functions, fundraising events and general activity based programs as a member is really important to both our present and future.

When our members enjoy themselves at events, they tend to share that positive message with others enticing them to join and even to attend an upcoming event with them. More attendees help the next event be more successful and the circle continues to spin with upward progress. It is up to our leaders to schedule and plan fun and informative events.

As we are wrapping up one calendar year and about to embark on a new decade, let us offer these thoughts; First of all thank you to every member for simply being a member. Membership is the very basic core from which we have accomplished so much since the beginning. Next, if you have done even just a little to help with any fraternal program, either by simply showing up and participating or physically or financially assisting, we thank you even more!

Now with the holiday season upon us we ask that you consider offering a wonderful gift to a friend, a relative, a neighbor or simply an acquaintance you have come in contact with. Please invite them to join our fraternity or to advance within it. The children at Mooseheart as well as our seniors at Moosehaven depend on each of us for life’s sustenance. Please extend your hand of fraternal friendship to eligible persons and offer them the blessings and pride we share as members.

We extend the best of wishes to each of you for a joyous holiday season as we remember the real reason for celebration. The birth of our savior and all that means to each of us is indeed a blessing of unmeasurable magnitude. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

May God Bless you, everyone.

Cordially & fraternally,

Bob Neff, PIP
Director R, ML & HD