California Wildfire Information

The 3 Lodges, all in Territory 44, that had the potential to be impacted are Napa 516, Sonoma Valley 2048 and Santa Rosa 458. West Coast Regional Manager Norm Dean has provided the following information:


Napa 516:

Napa has reported that they are fine and are operating normally. The fires are to their northeast and are coming under control. Although operations were not affected by the fires, they participated in efforts to  produce 5,000 meals for first responders and evacuees; donated close to 1,000 relief bags for first responders; and also helped to completely fill up a 24 foot transport truck to take donations to a campground full of people who had been displaced during this ordeal.

Over the course of the weekend, Lodge 516 was also mentioned on local radio station KVYN as a Resource Center for others to bring donations and volunteer services for those affected or fighting the fires, as well as listed in the local paper for their contributions. Sunday morning was a beautiful sight to see when EVERY single member on the property got up from their plates during breakfast to help load the 24 foot truck as one solid unit, in which we were able to complete the task in 20 minutes flat due to everyone helping at once!


Sonoma Valley 2048:

Sonoma Valley reports that they were without power until Monday, October 16th. The lodge facility is undamaged.  The Social Quarters were reopened the Social Quarters on Wednesday, October 18th and resumed full operations on Monday, October 23rd.

They have partnered with their local Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce by providing volunteers and space for sorting and distribution of relief supplies out of the lodge facility. There are 3 evacuees camped on the lodge property until they can return to their homes. Displaced persons are being allowed to camp on the lodge property until they can return to their homes. Chapter Recorder Cheri Burgi lost her home but is maintaining a positive attitude.


Santa Rosa 458:

Santa Rosa experienced the greatest impact and were unable to reach the lodge home until Monday, October 16th.  The lodge facility is undamaged. They were without utilities during that time and lost perishable food. Electrical service has been restored but gas service has not. They are unable to open without gas service. Several of their members lost homes to the fires. The lodge is coordinating distribution of emergency supplies through a local warehouse. Other lodges in Northern California are sending donations. Administrator Gary Packard is maintaining a positive attitude and is focusing their efforts on helping others in the community.

They plan to resume operations on Tuesday, October 24th. The fires devastated numerous buildings within a four block radius of the lodge, Arby’s, McDonalds, Applebees, Kmart, America’s Best Inn, two trailer courts and numerous other homes. Randall Packard, grandson of Administrator Gary Packard, has been spearheading relief efforts. First at the lodge facility, then the Elsie Allen High School, and now at donated warehouse space. Randall vows to continue his relief efforts and is planning to assist families this Christmas season as they recover. Administrator Packard donated the use of a commercial generator to the high school for use during relief efforts. The lodge will be donating the use of the hall for an upcoming insurance and legal seminar for those displaced by the fires. A full count of how many members lost homes is not available at this time.