August Message from Mary Froning

The convention in Las Vegas is all but a memory and now it is time to get back to work with our everyday lives and our mission of the Moose Fraternity.

Hello, my name is Mary Froning and I have the honor of being your Grand Regent for the Women of the Moose. I was born and raised in beautiful South Dakota and proud to say I am a farmer’s daughter.  I love living in rural South Dakota on an acreage near Mitchell with my husband Dan. We have three grown children. Our two sons and their families live here in Mitchell and our daughter lives near our state capital Pierre, SD. We have three grandchildren whom we adore and one handsome step grandson who is in his second year of college.

My husband and I are both retired and seems like we are busier now than we were when we both worked! We are busy down-sizing from a five bedroom home to a two bed room home so that has occupied our time most of the spring. We enjoy spending time with family and friends and traveling throughout our Moose Kingdom.

“Creating Our Future” is such a fitting membership campaign for our Moose Year as yes, we need to be preparing for the future of our great Fraternity. I am so excited and proud to be a part of the process of securing our future. When I joined the Women of the Moose I had no idea what my future would hold but with a lot of hard work and determination I have made great strides along my Moose Path and I feel confident that I have made the difference in the lives of many children and seniors as well as my community as I traveled along that path. We all can leave our mark along the path and not everyone needs to be as active or as busy as I am with their Moose Membership. The thing that each of us needs to remember is that even the small things make a big difference.

Everyone has their own comfort level and we all know what we are good at so that is where we need to be. There are many things I would like to be doing but I have discovered I am not very good at everything so I leave certain things up to those that can do a great job at the desired task. I learned early on, doing what you know is probably the safest route to take.  Oh, I have ventured off my path and have certainly tried many new things, but soon discovered where my weaknesses lie.  I also learned I was pretty good at a few things.  The lesson here is we don’t know unless we try.

The next time a co-worker asks you to help with a project or to do something you may not feel you are the best at it, give it your best shot.  You may just find out you are better at it than you think. Don’t wait to be asked to help – you can take that first step and volunteer.  I did just that. I may not have been the best at first but over time I learned some very valuable lessons and now enjoy participating very much.

I look forward to traveling to many of your states and making many new friends along my Moose Path throughout my year as Grand Regent.   Wishing you all a successful chapter year.  Please remember to treat each other with love and respect. If you have the power to make someone happy, do so. Kindness is the mark we leave on the world.

Until next month,

Mary Froning, Grand Regent