August Message from Dan Gooch

It was great to be in Orlando just a few weeks ago. It was a time to reconnect with old friends and form new friendships. As a fraternity, we were definitely “Stronger Together.” We had a gain in membership in the Fraternity for the first time in years.

The Moose Legion saw growth last year. We saw an increase in Membership and an increase in the Endowment Fund. We had 156 out of 157 Moose Legion units attain a level in the Moose Legion Award of Excellence. Thank you Moose Legionnaires! Dan O’Neal led us through this great year, and I express my appreciation for his hard work. His Presidents project, The Courtyard at Moosehaven, was completely funded and then some.

So as we come away from a great convention feeling renewed and ready to hit the ground running, we need to look back but keep building for the future. The Moose Legion is known as being the “Degree of Service” because of the many programs it supports. We have some great opportunities for this year. First, my Presidents Project is to purchase a Tree Chipper for the Mooseheart campus. If you have taken a ride through the campus you have noticed limbs and/or trees down that need to be removed for the safety of our students and staff. I look forward to the support of all Moose Legionnaires.

Second, we have the Moose Legion project of refurbishing the Moose Museum. This will be a multiyear project. The magnitude of this project is still in the preliminary stages. The scope of work is being discussed so we can tell the story of the Moose. We want to preserve the past and highlight the historic changes we have made as a fraternity. The estimated total cost will come at a future date.

The Moose Legion is better known as the “Fun Degree.” Our members do like to enjoy themselves! Our mission is: “To have fun while providing greater service to the Moose fraternity.” Our motto is: “To do some good thing for someone each day.”

Speaking of FUN!  Have you made your reservations for the Moose Legion Conference and Ritual Competition? Moose Legionnaires will be gathering together from November 10th through the 13th. We will be at the Southbank Hotel Jacksonville-Riverwalk in Jacksonville, Florida. Our Host Legion will be Seminole #81. It will be a weekend with few meetings, and a lot of fun. Friday evening a game night has been planned. Saturday will be the Annual Chili Cook-Off at Moosehaven. On Saturday evening, enjoy the Moose Legion Awards Banquet. We are looking forward to seeing you there.