August Message from Bob Neff

Well the first quarter of the fiscal year has passed. We now hit and will pass the half way point of summer during August. What have we accomplished thus far? What have we got planned for the near future and longer term for the rest of this year or even into next year? How are we preparing to Create our Future?

Questions are pretty easy. It is the answers that take work. No journey just happens without planning. We have to look at the goal and determine a path to get there. Even a simple vacation takes some amount of planning to be successful. The same is true of having a successful year in our fraternal unit.

Growing our membership base is a goal we all have. How to do that is something we have to work on. It certainly should include an ongoing plan and effort to retain the base we already have to begin with. Bringing new members in is always good – but they only add to the total when we retain what we already have.

It is kind of like saving for retirement. Putting a little back and saving it (retaining it) over time ads up in the due course of life. Membership is not so different. By reaching out to make members happy and making them feel a sense of prideful belonging, we do encourage their continuation of being and remaining members. Sometimes a simple handshake or phone call, a card or letter that acknowledges them is all it takes to let them know that they matter and that you – that indeed we, as a whole – care about them.

That does take some effort. It does take some time. But it is worth it if we want to build a future that continues to care for students at our Child City of Mooseheart. It mattes when we desire to continue the care of our senior members and yes even assure that protection for ourselves – should we need it one day – for the care of our residents at Moosehaven.

Being involved in our local fraternal unit, whether casually or deeply helps towards these and the local community efforts as well. We need leaders and we need involved members who participate in events to move our fraternal program forward and make positive strides of good. All members are important. All members matter. Thank you to each of you for being a member of the Moose at any and all levels! May God Bless you, everyone.

Cordially & fraternally,

Bob Neff, PIP
Director R, ML & HD