April Message from Michael Hauf

Straight and level is a pilot’s term. +1 AGL is a must for a pilot in the clouds with no sight of the ground underneath.  Straight and level +1 is also a goal that we have had for the past few years as far as our membership. The past few years we have not quite made our goals and with that our membership has slipped a little.

Some of it seems to be that the new members after a year or two, don’t feel that the Moose Legion membership is worth it. Really? When the new members were asked to join and step up did they get a proper ML Orientation? Do they know where their dues actually go? The average ML membership is $1.50 /month. The application has dues breakdown information printed on the part the members are actually supposed to keep in their possession. Many of us have lost more change in the dryer than our ML dues each month don’t know it that one rings true.

The other problem we hear is that the members don’t feel wanted or appreciated and drop their dues. If a person was asked to join and accepted where is their sponsor when the activities committee (LMLC) is setting up and having events? If the new members haven’t been to activities maybe the lodge committees should call those that they haven’t seen at their meeting/fun nights and personally invite those that will probably not renew from inactivity.

Have member retention committees been making contact with expired members to try to bring them current. As the Moose Legionaries and their spouses are invited to ML events the retention committee should be helping with the Lodge and Chapter arrears list too. We have to see if they have forgot to renew their commitment to the children and seniors or if there are issues that need to be looked at that will help prevent others from not feeling welcome. April 30 is around the corner and +1 is still the goal, this year let’s do it!

This year we have been looking at previous conflicts during our sessions at the International Convention and have changed things by having all of our business meetings the morning and early afternoon on Thursday prior to the joint opening.  This will give us all more opportunities to attend the other worthwhile breakouts and also give time to tour the historic area of New Orleans.  Don’t forget to get your registration in For New Orleans.

This year is the first in many that the Moose Legion will have their own Celebration in OKC. Information has been emailed to each jurisdiction along with a hardcopy registration. The online preregistration form for shirts, meals, etc. is at:            https://form.jotform.com/80596228276971 .

OKC will be an International Celebration for the Moose Legion in conjunction with the ML Ritual Competition, some very short Informational sessions, lots of sights, veteran’s recognition, awards and a conferral. If you haven’t been to a true Celebration for a while, now is the time to mark your calendar and block out the weekend before Veterans Day for an event you won’t soon forget. See ya there!

Have fun and safe travels.

Michael Hauf  IMLP