April Message from John Prough

Hello again everyone. Yes, the month of March is still upon us, but just wanted to give everyone a Pep talk to help motivate us to get moving on making that gain in membership we all desire. Are we attempting things outside the box to get those in expired status active again?

If you can’t reach the expired member reach out to their sponsor. They might be able to contact the individual and trust me it would be a lot easier for the sponsor to get him to pay his dues than a stranger doing a phone call.

St. Patrick’s Day has just passed. Hopefully your Lodge did something to celebrate this holiday and it would have been a great time for the Lodge Moose Legion committee to do something fun to raise a little money for the Lodge.

We have April Fool’s Day coming soon so try and do something fun in your lodge home to celebrate. Invite some prospective members to participate or even some expired ones and when they see the fun the Moose Legion is having they will want to be a part of the celebration.

Of course, we can’t forget Easter is right around the corner. I know many Lodges will be having huge parties and Easter Egg hunts for the kids. Well I might suggest the Moose Legion committee set up an Adult Easter Egg hunt. Of course, you might do it with a flashlight to make it interesting.  Let me tell you, our Lodge has done this and it was a ton of fun.

Well I am sure each of you can see my point with what I have written. I hope you understand the Moose Legion isn’t just about meetings and work. It is about having fun and if we don’t have some fun no one will want to pay their dues.

I cannot stress this any better than to say that we have to give the members what we promised in the ritual and that is having fun. It is our recipe to finish the year strong!

Thanks for all you do.

John Prough
International Moose Legion President