April Message from Gloria Petrea

April has slipped away as quickly as the Easter Bunny. At the very least it got away from me.

Spring has arrived and lots of outdoor activities are being planned and are underway. Craft Fairs, fun runs, yard sales, and picnics. And these are just a few. There are so many ways to have fun and activity in our Moose homes and to attract new members. With the temperatures warming and people looking to get outside, it is a great time to request dispensation to hold an event open to the public. This provides opportunity to share information about the Moose with others.

The final month of the year and our chapters are working diligently on membership retention. Each call is a step to saving a member. Each contact is a chance to let a member know they are remembered, wanted and needed. The more our chapter members know we care the more likely they are to renew. Keeping working, there is still time.

Congratulations to all our new Academy of Friendship members conferred at the Mid-Year Conferences; and to those being conferred at special Conferrals being held in some areas. This is your first Higher Degree, but hopefully not your last. I encourage you to continue learning and growing in the Women of the Moose.

New chapter officers are being installed this month for the 2021-2022 year. I congratulate and applaud those who stepped forward to lead your chapters into our first year in The Moose. I also thank you for your dedication to your chapter and our WOTM programs. I wish you each a success year.

In Friendship,

Gloria D. Petrea
Grand Regent