April Message from Debra Evans

April and Spring!! What a beautiful time of year! Time for new growth and new beginnings. As one Chapter year is coming to a close, a new Chapter year is on the horizon. My hope for each of you and your Chapters is that you have a New Board of Officers ready to step out on their adventure in the coming year. New plans, new starts, new members, new adventures and of course, new memories.

We, as Women of the Moose, are always ready for the adventures in our Chapters. Look to the future and what we do for Mooseheart and Moosehaven. Remember we are vital to the success of those campuses. Without the Women of the Moose, where would our children and senior members be?

The Women of the Moose are vital and necessary for the future. Be proud of your membership and what you are able to accomplish.

Congratulations new Officers and Best Wishes for a successful year!