April Message from Dan Gooch

It is hard to believe that it is already April. Our fiscal year is about to come to a close. We are looking like we could have another year showing an increase in membership. We are counting on you to “Make it Happen” again! We have seen a lot of men achieve the Ambassador’s Key Club. These are the leaders throughout the fraternity, “Leading by Example.” We have also seen Jurisdictional Boards achieve their Director’s Keys. Every member of their Board signed at least (2) Moose Legionnaires. As you can see, we ALL need to “Lead by Example.” Please work on those Expired Lists, and work on keeping the members we already had. Phone calls, postcards, personal visits, whatever it takes, let’s get it done.

As the year approaches an end we are also thinking about our Fundraising. Our endowment fund giving is lagging behind at this time. We still have time to increase our funds. So please send in your endowment donations. Our Youth Awareness Scholarship monies are an important part of our program. All of your contributions are important to continue the Moose Legion Program. Be sure to get your checks in As Soon As Possible, so that they will be counted for this fiscal year. Let’s finish the year on a high note.

We want to have a big celebration in Reno!


Dan Gooch – International Moose Legion President