April Message from Charles Barber

Last June, we left Reno with the sounds of “Proud Past, Bright Future,” “Threepeat” and “Failure is Not an Option” ringing in our ears. We were on the right track as we hit the ground running and got off to a fast start. However, it is a long road from June to the end of April, and apparently, we have lost a little steam, judging by the recent statistics. There is still time for a strong finish if we plan our work and work our plan. Vice Presidents – activate your Membership Building Committee and run a short-term campaign for the last month. Junior Past Presidents – let’s get our Membership Retention Committees busy on the phone to encourage expired members to renew before the end of the year on April 30. Perhaps work together with the Lodge Moose Legion Committees in your jurisdictions, as well as the Council of Higher Degrees, to help you finish strong, and remember, “It doesn’t help to be on the right track if you let the train run you over.”



Charles Barber IMLP