2020 Virtual Moose Convention

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The Moose will be having a “virtual” convention for the first time in the Fraternity’s history. The Virtual Moose Convention will occur on June 25-26, 2020 and any member with internet access has the ability to participate in the live and taped sessions that are set to occur.

Included in the live sessions will be the address of Director General Scott Hart, as well as the reports of Mooseheart and Moosehaven, and the installation of officers. Further, addresses by Supreme Governor Rodney Hammond, Grand Regent Mary Froning, Grand Chancellor Barbara McPherson, and Director of Membership Mike Rios are expected be broadcast live. Additional live sessions are listed on the Schedule of Events, and other presentations will be recorded and stored on this special Virtual Moose Convention website for viewing at any time by Fraternity members.

Voting for the proposed changes to the Moose General Laws is scheduled to take place during this meeting. Loyal Order of Moose delegates will be required to register for this meeting in order to take advantage of this opportunity to vote. The General Laws proposals all revolve around the change to create a new and unified Moose membership where women and men have equal membership rights, privileges, opportunities, and a vote in Lodge business and activities.

Scheduled to be on the Virtual Moose Convention web page will be workshop presentations; convention and general Moose merchandise for sale; links to YouTube presentations; and access to the live events. Not all of the information will appear on June 1st. Some materials, such as Awards, nominations, merchandise for sale, and some workshop presentations will be added closer to the meeting dates, or in the case of Awards, after the announcement has been made.