Supreme Governor

A Note from the Supreme Governor

I bring you fraternal greetings from the entire Supreme Council. It is my pleasure to serve as your Supreme Governor, and I look forward to visiting with each and every one of you this year.

While we did not make our membership goals for the Year 2016, we must move forward with our new membership campaign, “Honoring Community Heroes.” We have the opportunity to sponsor and enroll those local first responders as well as members of the National Guard. Although our membership production was up over the prior year, our number one priority must be membership retention. We must do a better job in retaining our members with the planning of activities and being involved in Community Service that encourages participation and shows that we are still “The Friendliest Place in Town.” We also need to provide an atmosphere that attracts new members.

At our recently completed 129th International Convention, there were many exciting and innovative programs announced. The New Moose Experience was introduced by our Director General, Scott Hart. I urge everyone to visit and see this new vision of the Moose.

I hope that all will consider my motto, “None goes their way alone” by welcoming members when they visit our lodges. Again, let’s all work together and we will have a banner year working side by side.

Willard Kitchens, Supreme Governor

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