Greenville, NC Lodge 885's Pete Pipkin Claims 2012 Moose International Texas Hold Em Title




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Nathan "Pete" Pipkin, from Greenville, NC Lodge 885 celebrates at the conclusion of the 2012 Moose International Texas Hold Em Tournament. Pipkin finished atop a field that originally consisted of 814 players. In the final competition, Pipkin defeated Christopher Price, from Visalia, CA Lodge 546.

Christopher Price, from Visalia, CA Lodge 546 smiles during the final competition at the 2012 Moose International Texas Hold Em Tournament. Price finished runner-up in the 814-contestant tournament to Nathan "Pete" Pipkin from Greenville, NC Lodge 885.

Director of Membership Shawn Baile (left) presents Nathan "Pete" Pipkin with the championship bracelet after Pipkin won the 2012 Moose International Texas Hold Em Tournament and joined 2010 champion Anthony Mills and 2011 titlist Tim Donovan as recipients of the bracelet.


MOOSEHEART, Jan. 13 -  When the 2012 Moose International Texas Hold Em Tournament started, a record 814 players sat in the Golden Nugget’s gaming room, all aiming for the $16,000 top prize.

But when Director of Membership Shawn Baile presented the bracelet to the champion, the winner was Nathan “Pete” Pipkin from Greenville, NC Lodge 885.

“You’ve got to get lucky to win this thing,” Pipkin said.

In two previous tries, Pipkin had never progressed past the first day of play. This year, although he was still alive on the second day of the three-day tournament, his position wasn’t exactly a commanding one.

Pipkin’s chip count continued to grow through Tuesday and despite occasional setbacks, he continued his solid run to the final table.

Price was a first-time participant who won his way to the tournament through a tournament at his home Visalia, CA Lodge 546.

“I had the best time of my life,” Price said. “It was a blast.”

Pipkin and Price had relatively similar chip stacks as the final hands took shape. While victory was one goal, both players were, to use the cliché, very happy to be there.

“I felt good going in,” Price said. “I took the chip lead back, then lost two hands and then the final hand did it.”

Pipkin’s son Nathan finished third in the inaugural Hold Em tournament in 2010. Both father and son played this year and both intend to be back in 2013.

“It doesn’t get any better,” Pipkin said. “It’s 1:30 in the morning back home and my daughter just called and she’s tickled to death. My wife’s out here and she doesn’t gamble.”

The fraternal bond extended far beyond the desire for victory in this Moose-only event.

“They gave us a questionnaire and they asked us what was the worst thing about the tournament,” Pipkin said. “I put down that the worst thing is seeing people you came down with get knocked out.”As Price said, “You feel camaraderie and brotherhood with your fellow Moose.  There was a lot of good poker, but it seemed like everyone was family.”

The 2013 tournament is scheduled for Jan. 6-10, again at the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas.

Top 10 Finishers, 2012 Moose International Texas Hold Em
Finishers listed with Lodge affiliation and prize money earned.

1. Nathan "Pete" Pipkin, Greenville, NC Lodge 885, $16,000
2. Christopher Price Visalia, CA Lodge 546, $13,000
3. Mike Vitullo, Burbank, CA Lodge 652, $11,000
4. Brian Lentel, Fort Mill, SC Lodge 1240, $10,000
5. Albert Slack, Knoxville, TN Lodge 1560, $9,000
6. Scott Morgan, Azalea Park, FL Lodge 2891, $8,000
7. Ricky Porter, Scott County, IN Lodge 2324, $7,000
8. Ivan Green, Madison, IN Lodge 765, $6,000
9. Jerry Hardacre, Mio, MI Lodge 1035, $5,000
10. Keith Donald, Luray, VA Lodge 1413, $4,000

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