May/June/July 2005

Moose Legion:
James E. Morgan, Director

Elite Rings Honor Moose Legionnaires Dedicated to Building Membership in the Degree of Service

Symbols Serve as Reminders of an Honorable Tradition

Duane Babcock (center) received his Elite Moose Legionnaire ring last October from Legion Ambassador Danny G. Cain (left) and Indiana State President Chalen “Sonny” Wilson. Duane is president of Victory 48. He has signed nearly 125 members into the Moose Legion.

While many Moose members know how Moose Legionnaires “go the extra mile” for fun and fraternalism, and may have seen the rings given to members who devote themselves to building Legion membership, many more may not know what that ring actually signifies.

The ring has two circles on top which represent both Moose Legion tradition--and vision of the future.

The inner circle reflects the inner strength of a Moose Legion member, as well as the strong inner core of leadership evident within the second degree and throughout our fraternity. The outer circle captures the treasured humanitarian tradition of “doing some good thing for someone each day” and the future possibilities which each of us will determine by our attitudes and actions.

The repeated triangles symbolize the persistent acts of leadership displayed by Moose Legionnaires. Together, these triangles form a star honoring achievement in membership building.

The points of the triangles and sunburst reach out to our future fraternal service, encompassing our protection for the youth at Mooseheart and our senior members at Moosehaven.

The circles of protection, the repeated triangles of faith, hope and charity, and the sunburst as a source of light and life all represent our treasured fraternal traditions. These symbols are a constant reminder to the Moose Legionnaire that he does make a difference, and, by inviting all Lodge members to join the Moose Legion our legacy and tradition of service will flourish.

A diamond is added to the ring when the Legionnaire attains units at levels of 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800 and 900. A gold Elite Ring is awarded at 1,000 units.

Moose Legion Ambassador Robert Coleman (right) presented an Elite Ring to Norman Riley of Sailfish Moose Legion 189 last fall. Riley is a member of Okeechobee, FL Lodge 1753.

It’s About Time!

Moose Legion, Lodge Memberships Will be Consolidated onto One Card, Starting in September!

> Starting with the fiscal quarter ending Sept. 30, 2005, the Centralized Dues Renewal system will begin to synchronize and consolidate the dues expiration dates of Moose Legion members with their Lodge membership dues expiration date. The synchronization process will bring their Moose Legion dues expiration date to be the same as their Lodge membership’s dues expiration date. Moose Legion members whose Moose Legion dues date is the same as their Lodge membership’s dues date will not be affected by the synchronization process. The Moose Legion member whose dues-expiration date is not the same as their Lodge membership’s expiration date will notice a change in their first dues notification after June 30, 2005 dues notices.

The dues notification may be either their Lodge or their Moose Legion notification. Going forward, members who join the Moose Legion after Sept. 30, 2005 will have their dues dates synchronized in their first dues notification after their enrollment in the Moose Legion.

By synchronizing these dates the member will only receive one membership card, which will carry both his Lodge and Moose Legion information. Each year after the dates are synchronized, the member will receive one renewal notice containing both the dues for his Moose Lodge and Moose Legion.

The following are examples of the synchronization process:

1. Member’s Moose Legion dues expiration date is Sept. 30, 2005 and his Lodge dues expiration date is Dec. 31, 2005:

The member will receive a Moose Legion renewal notice for three months of dues. This, in turn, will synchronize his Moose Legion date with Lodge date of Dec. 31, 2005. On Nov. 15, a renewal notice will be mailed to the member, which will include the annual dues for both his Lodge and Moose Legion.

2. Member’s Lodge dues expiration date is Sept. 30, 2005 and his Moose Legion dues expiration date is Dec. 31, 2005:

The member will receive a renewal notice, which will include annual dues for his Lodge and will also include nine months of Moose Legion dues. This will cause both his Moose Lodge and Moose Legion memberships have the same expiration date for Sept. 30, 2006.

3. Members who are paid in advance for future years, will go through the synchronization process at the time of their current expiration date.

4. Members who have a Life Membership in the Moose Legion will automatically be synched to their Lodge expiration date.

Note: Members who have both a life Lodge and Moose Legion membership will be synched to the Lodge life date.

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The new Moose membership card is heftier, more substantial and durable--roughly the same weight and feel as a credit card.