February/March/April 2007

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In Memorium

Past Supreme Governor
Edwin M. Baldree
1919 -2006

As a member of the Pilgrim Consistory since his 1986-87 term as Supreme Governor, Baldree (shown here in 1999) had served a central role in the fraternity’s annual Pilgrim Degree conferral.

> Edwin Maurice Baldree, a career Moose Lodge Secretary/Administrator and a soft-spoken Southern gentleman who rose to become the fraternity’s Supreme Governor in 1986-87, died Dec. 2 at his home in Belhaven in his native North Carolina, less than a month away from his 87th birthday, and just months after the death of his wife of 57 years, Evelyn.

Mr. Baldree, an over-the-road truckdriver as a young man, became a charter member of a new Moose Lodge in his hometown of Kinston, NC in April 1950. He served through its officers’ chairs, putting in two terms as Governor, then as Secretary from 1955-58.

In 1958 Mr. Baldree and his family moved 30 miles north, where he became a full-time Moose fraternalist as Secretary/Manager of Greenville, NC Lodge 885. He served in that post for 18 years, until April 1976, earning designation as a Nine-Star Secretary. He became a Life Member of both Kinston Lodge and Greenville Lodge.

Mr. Baldree’s first major Moose involvement outside North Carolina came in the Moose Legion. He joined Enoca Moose Legion 51, serving as its Herder (the office now called Secretary) for 32 years beginning in 1954. His first International appointment came in 1964 when he moved onto the Moose Legion Council; he served as Grand North Moose (now International Moose Legion President) in 1969-70.

Mr. Baldree served as Deputy Supreme Governor for North Carolina in 1956-57, and President of the North Carolina Moose Association in 1957-58. He served as Association Secretary from 1976-1992.

Serving on the Moosehaven Board from 1974-1982, Mr. Baldree was elected to the fraternity’s Supreme Council in 1983, and the very next year, 1984, was elevated to Supreme Prelate. He became Supreme Jr. Governor in 1985 and rose to Supreme Governor in May 1986, during the 98th International Convention in Chicago.

Mr. Baldree had received the Fellowship Degree of Honor in 1953 and the Pilgrim Degree of Merit in 1960. Becoming a member of the Pilgrim Consistory following his service as Supreme Governor, Mr. Baldree served as Pilgrim Governor in 2001-02.

Outside the Moose, Mr. Baldree was a World War II veteran of the U.S. Army; he also was instrumental in developing local telephone service, serving as Board President of the Tri-County Telephone Co-Operative from 1979-2004.

Mr. Baldree was also active with the Sidney Volunteer Fire Dept. and with the First Baptist Church of Smithton. He was named Citizen of the Year by the Belhaven Chamber of Commerce in 1997.

Mr. Baldree was preceded in death by his younger son James as well as Mrs. Baldree; he is survived by eldest son Richard, plus four sisters, six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

The family requested that memorial gifts be sent either to Mooseheart Child City & School, Mooseheart, IL 60539; or to the First Baptist Church of Smithton, P.O. Box 522, Belhaven, NC 27810.

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