Baile Resigns as Director of Membership,
Citing Need to Devote More Time to His Young Family;
Director General Airey Weighing Decision on a Successor

MOOSEHEART, Aug. 29 -- Director General William B. Airey announced this morning that Director of Membership Shawn M. Baile had submitted his resignation, effective on Friday, Aug. 31.

"I have made the decision that I can no longer offer the commitment of time and energy that is needed for this position," Baile wrote in a letter to Airey. "The fraternity needs someone who can make this their absolute priority to assure that we will continue to grow." Baile and his wife Denielle are the parents of an elementary-age daughter and son, and he said that "I have determined my absolute priority is being there for my family as a husband and father." 

Baile, 39, had served on the Moose International staff since February 2006 -- first as Director of Moose Legion, Ritual and Community Service; then as Director of the expanded Fraternal Programs Department in March 2007; and since October 2009 as Director of Membership, with responsibility for Community Service, Sports, Youth Programs and Family Activities, in addition to membership production and retention.

Baile joined the Moose at York, PA Lodge 148 in 1997, transferring to Gettysburg, PA Lodge 1526 in 2004. He served his original Lodge through the officers' chairs and is a Past Governor by service. He also holds membership in Mooseheart, IL Lodge 2655. Elevating to Keystone Moose Legion 41, he served that Moose Legion unit as Financial Director, Sergeant-at-Arms, then as Secretary from 2002-2006. Shawn was conferred as a Past President of Keystone in November 2006. He also holds membership in Mecca Moose Legion 9.

Baile has also served the Pennsylvania Moose Association as a District Prelate and District Vice President, Scholarship Chairman, and as Community Service Chairman for the Southeast Region.

A member of the 75 Division of the Moose 25 Club, Baile received the Fellowship Degree of Honor in 2003 and the Pilgrim Degree of Merit in 2009.  He also received the Moose Legion Medal of Honor in March 2008.

Born and raised in southeast Pennsylvania, Baile received a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications from Penn State University in 1996.

Director General Airey noted that Baile told him he intended to stay heavily involved in the Moose program in Pennsylvania on a volunteer basis. "Shawn Baile has been a dynamic, respected and effective leader in our organization, and we will miss him greatly," Airey said

The Director General said that he had not yet made a determination as to a successor, on either an interim or a permanent basis, but that an announcement would be forthcoming promptly when he had reached such a decision.