Danbury, CT Lodge 1373 Seeks Tommy Moose Donations From Lodges/Chapters/Moose Legions Fraternitywide For Presentations to All the Kids of Newtown

Connecticut Moose Association Secretary Aaron Russell is also the Governor of Danbury, CT Lodge 1373 -- which is just 15 miles from Newtown and the Sandy Hook Elementary School, the site of the Dec. 14 slayings of 20 young children and 6 adults.

In the wake of this horrible event, Moose members across the continent have been asking "what can we do to help?"

And so Russell has agreed to serve as coordinator to receive, hopefully, several hundred Tommy Moose plush dolls to ultimately distribute to as many children of the Newton, CT community as possible.

On Wednesday evening, Dec. 19, Russell delivered nine cases, each containing a dozen Tommy dolls, to Reed Intermediate School in Newtown, where counseling sessions with children are being held.

"I was met with a very warm reception from all of the workers there," Russell said. "They were very appreciative of the donation and were very impressed with the Tommy Moose program."

Lodges, Chapters and Moose Legions who wish to help fund these Tommy Moose donations in Newtown should first contact Russell at aaronrussellct@gmail.com, or Danbury Lodge Administrator Gary Mattson at lodge1373@mooseunits.org; then phone Moose Catalog Sales at 630-966-2250.