Richard D. Surry, 'dean' of Moose membership staff, retires,
replaced by Norm Dean in WA, ID, UT
Change in fraternity's Pacific Northwest leadership for first time since '87

MOOSEHEART, IL - Richard D. "Dick" Surry, Moose International's full-time Membership Department representative in Washington state, and later both Idaho and Utah, since 1987, has retired, effective August 1.

He is succeeded in the position by Norm Dean, a Past President of the Washington-Northern Idaho Moose Association, who for the last year and a half had been a full-time Senior Operations Analyst for Moose International's Lodge Operations Department, working throughout the western United States.

"We appreciate everything that Dick has done for our fraternity during his nearly 24 years as a member of the Membership Department staff.  We certainly respect his desire to retire and to enjoy quality time with his wife, Donna.  We wish them many years of good health and happiness as they begin a new chapter in their lives," said Director of Membership Shawn Baile in announcing the appointment.  "We are also excited about Norm becoming a part of our team.  He has been one of top Senior Operations Analysts for the last year, and we look forward to the knowledge and sound judgment he will bring to our Lodges in the Pacific Northwest."

Surry, 70, retires as the longest-serving staffer of the Membership Department field staff-working under four Directors of the Department: the late Jay Stoehr, current Director General William B. Airey, Darrell O'Brien, and Shawn Baile. Surry was in charge of all Lodges in Washington state, plus Moscow, ID Lodge 871, until 2005, when all other Lodges in Idaho and Utah were added to his jurisdiction.  During his tenure, he earned Membership Department designation as a "Top Manager" four times.

Surry had joined the Moose at Kennewick, WA Lodge 482 in 1976; he served as Secretary/Administrator there, and is a Past Governor. He is also an honorary Past President of the Washington/Northern Idaho Moose Association; he had served on its former Civic Affairs Committee, as well as serving as Publicity Chairman.   He is a member of Cascade Moose Legion 166 (WA). A member of the 350 Division of the Moose 25 Club, Surry received the Fellowship Degree of Honor in 1983 and the Pilgrim Degree of Merit in 1988.

Dean, 48, joined the Moose in 1990 at Pullman, WA Lodge 943, where is a Life Member.  He also holds membership at Lakes, WA Lodge 1865; Astoria, OR Lodge 408; and Mooseheart, IL Lodge 2655.  He is also a Life Member of Cascade-Traehesoom Moose Legion 166, and holds a dual membership in Western Washington Moose Legion 17.

In addition to serving his Association as President in 2002-2003, Dean served the Association as a District President, as Webmaster, as Assistant Secretary, and as Deputy Supreme Governor.

A member of the 100 Division of the Moose 25 Club, Dean received the Fellowship Degree of Honor in 1996 and the Pilgrim Degree of Merit in 2003.  He also holds the Moose Legion Medal of Honor.   

Founded in 1888, the Moose organization has long offered its members an opportunity to do good for others while celebrating life, with family, social, and sporting activities. For more information on the Moose organization and Mooseheart, please visit the websites at and or call 630-966-2229.




Richard D Surry
Norm Dean