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Robert Neff
Robert Neff
Director, Ritual and Higher Degrees

Mark Klein
Michael Mock
International Moose Legion President

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Robert Neff

Memo from Bob Neff, Director of Ritual and Higher Degrees
April 2014

Moose Legion - Going the Distance

Moose Legion Going the Distance in the Final Dash

The Final Dash is in the final stretch. We are rounding the last turn and the race is on. Will we achieve our first Moose Legion membership increase in six years? We are close but the final result depends on each jurisdiction doing its part.

Conferrals and mini conferrals need to be put together now to allow our candidates that have submitted applications to be conferred and complete their membership obligation - thus allowing the Secretary to enter an enrollment date for them. Having the apps is great - but they need to be conferred and reported as enrolled to count on our active member stats.

Then there are those members who may need a friendly reminder to renew their membership. We have to retain these members so that the new members advancing to our ranks will indeed increase our strength. Often it is as simple as a short friendly phone call reminding that member of their importance to our cause of serving childhood and senior members. Each member is important. Le's be sure they know we appreciate them.

Moose Legion Projects for this fiscal year

We are very proud of the accomplishments of our Moose Legion jurisdictions across the North American continent for the wonderful job of raising and contributing funds for our annual fundraising programs. They of course include: Student trips from Mooseheart to visit our seniors at Moosehaven - The President's Project to update the Fieldhouse PA system - the annual Youth Awareness Scholarships that we take pride in furnishing - the funds being raised for the $10 million dollar Mooseheart School renovation - contributions and competition to build the Endowment Fund - various donations made by Moose Legions to their various local charitable programs in their individual provincial & state associations and so much more!

Is there pride in all of this for our Moose Legion jurisdictions and indeed for the individual Moose Legionnaires? You bet there is! We are proud of the philanthropic support the Degree of Service has given in the past century in support of this tremendous fraternal organization known as Moose and in support of all that it stands for in our society today.

Most Moose Legions have already completed the obligations for this fiscal year and we sincerely thank each of them and their members who made that happen! We urge those remaining to wrap up the contributions early in April by submitting those final checks so we can clear the books and be able to start fresh in the next fiscal year beginning May 1st. We thank all for your support.

Moose Legion Annual Conference Call

If you have not yet registered for the annual Moose Legion Conference and International Convention of the Loyal Order of Moose - now is the time to go online at this website ( and click the link showing the Jersey Boys / International Convention and complete your pre-registration (and save a few bucks by doing it online too!). You will want to plan to attend the Moose Legion Breakfast and general session on Friday, June 20th, as well as sessions on Saturday and the Ritual Awards Luncheon on Sunday along with all the general and special sessions of the Supreme Lodge Convention itself. We look forward to seeing you there!





Cordially & fraternally,

Bob Neff, PIP & Director






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Mark Klein

Memo from MICHAEL Mock, President Moose Legion
April 2014

The Final Dash Campaign and its Dash for Cash Program is the exciting conclusion of the Moose Legion's Centennial Year commitment to have an increase in Active Status Moose Legionnaires in its closing days of this fiscal year ending on April 30th. You still have time to sign those qualified Moose members and try your luck at winning the Cash. All you have to do is to get that Moose Legion Application turned in and then check the Moose International web site to see if your name was drawn. It's as easy as that. When you visit this web site check out the Count Down Counter and it will let you know exactly when the next winners are named.

My travels this year have really allowed me to hear the Moose Legion's Rituals. This includes not only our Conferral Ceremony but also the Legacy of the Moose and the Moose Legion Opening and Closing of our meetings. One thing that I've noticed is that I perceive a different meaning of the words than I did before and they now take on added meaning to me. I encourage all new (and not so new) Moose Legionnaires to attend several more enrollments. Listen with earnest to the ritual so you might more clearly understand the why, in what we have pledged to do.

The Moose Legion Conferral tells us several times about the 'how and why' of the Moose Legion being started and the great accomplishments that we have made during this past century. I ask each of you to give a little more attention the next time you attend a conferral, listen closely, and see if you experience the same prideful feelings. Take time to really hear the message and I think that you will be a better exponent of our Degree of Service and this will be invaluable not only to yourself but also our fraternity.

The Mooseheart Fieldhouse PA upgrade project is going great. We have reached our first goal and now we have decided to go for the entire amount of $28,000.00 which will fully fund the project. Then and only then can we put the Moose Legion name on it and say that when we ask - Moose Legionnaires are indeed ready to Go The Distance.

Thanks for all that you do to make the lives of our children at Mooseheart and our Seniors at Moosehaven so wonderfully full. The 'Cole family' and the 'Smiths' thank you.


Fraternally yours,

Michael D Mock
International Moose Legion President





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