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Robert Neff
Robert Neff
Director, Ritual and Higher Degrees

Mark Klein
International Moose Legion President

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Robert Neff

Memo from Bob Neff, Director of Ritual and Higher Degrees
July 2014

Moose Legion - Back to Basics

Two Months into the current Fiscal Year

We have two months under our belts for the 2014-15 fraternal year. It may be time for a little early evaluation of where we are, what our goals are and how we might achieve them. No - it is not too early to be thinking along the lines of the big picture for the year. Indeed - it is exactly the time we have in front of us that counts.

You see, what is done is history. We cannot change that. However, we can plan and engineer positive efforts going forward. That is just what we need in each Moose Legion jurisdiction. You probably just had or will shortly have a celebration and conferral of candidates in your respective Moose Legion jurisdiction. How does production look for the year? Do you have a local campaign in place? Are you promoting the international campaign?

At the end of June Moose Legion membership stood at 59,257 - just 38 short of our six year high starting number of active members for the year. But alas, June is a larger dues renewal month and many did not renew timely. On July 1st we slid to 56,362n or 2,933 behind our starting number. As we talked about repeatedly at the conference in Las Vegas - retention is a critical need if we are to not just maintain but build and have yet another increase this year.

Moose Legion - BACK TO BASICS

Back to Basics Moose Legion Campaign sponsor pins are being sent to each Moose Legion for presentation to first time sponsors for the year. Those lapel pins should be presented to each sponsor and thank him for bringing in member applications. Sponsors, be sure to attend your Moose Legion Celebrations to help welcome your sponsored Lodge members into the Moose Legion and to be recognized and receive your campaign pins. Also a reminder to sponsors of (new) Moose Legion applicants...You get one Moose Legion membership unit credit when the application is reported and accepted on LCL. You also get one more point for those new first time Moose Legionnaires when you help assure they attend a conferral and then get reported as enrolled as required to complete their membership. Please be a good sponsor and attend with your candidate as he takes his Next Step in Fraternalism - in attending the conferral and help welcome him into the Degree of Service.

Moose Legion's next 100 Years

With our first century behind us, we begin our next one this year. As we work together and get Back to Basics of fraternalism, of caring for others, of supporting our philanthropic endeavors of Mooseheart and Moosehaven and yes serve our Lodges and communities, we have great opportunity to have pride in our accomplishments. What will the history books say about our time in service to this Order? To be sure they will say what we make of our opportunity to lead this fraternity to be better, stronger, fraternally caring for our own and others and most likely then even bigger as a result. We can each play a role. If it is to be it is up to you and me to make it so. Please get onboard and join us in moving forward with positive momentum into the future through basic and real actions towards our fraternal ideals and principles.

It is truly great to be a Moose and we have terrific pride in being Moose Legionnaires!



Cordially & fraternally,

Bob Neff, PIP & Director






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Mark Klein

Memo from Bruce Snider, President Moose Legion
July 2014

I sat down to write my first article for the Moose International web site and was not sure where to start. But I got to thinking about how I got to the position of International Moose Legion President and the many people who have helped me along the way and to this I say “thank you!” I was thinking about what we have done to earn our Fellowship Degrees and our Pilgrim Degrees. These degrees are not handed out like candy. Moose members have to have had a great desire to serve the Lodge and their Moose Legion as well as the Moose Fraternity as a whole. But sometimes I wonder what would happen to our degrees if we had to re-qualify every few years.

When I received my Fellowship Degree (like many of you), you had to be an officer or a chairman for your Lodge. You had to have sponsored 10 members in to the Moose (lifetime) or sponsored 5 members in one year. You had to be active in your Moose Legion and were judged on what great things you had accomplished. When I received the Pilgrim Degree, it was for outstanding service to the Order at your lodge, your Moose Legion, your state association, etc.

Let us go back to the re-qualifying question. Fellows and Pilgrims, when was the last time you sponsored 5 members in one year? When was the last time you chaired a committee in your lodge or even helped on a special committee? Or more important, when was the last time you attended a LOOM membership meeting? When was the last time you attended a quarterly Moose Legion Celebration or sponsored a new Moose Legionnaire? When was the last time you attended a Lodge Moose Legion Committee meeting at your lodge? When was the last time you went to your lodge and help cook for the monthly fish fry or the monthly Moose Legion breakfast?

I hear many times this remark when I ask these questions. “I have done my time. I do not have to do that anymore.” Maybe we do not have to serve on the Board of Officers of our lodge or serve on the Board of Directors of our Moose Legions, but that does not mean we can not attend these meetings and functions. You, as Fellows and Pilgrims, could use your expertise and experiences to help guide and mentor our lodge officers and Moose Legion Directors. Just your presence in your Pilgrim jacket or your Fellowship blazer could help “jump start” a new or potential member in your lodge or Moose Legion.

Our theme this year is “Back to the Basics.” What is more basic than our Pilgrims, Fellows, and Moose Legionnaires leading the way? What is more basic than our degree holders being the members to serve on the retention committees in our lodges and Moose Legions? “Back to the Basics” means we are in need of focusing on service and membership. When you sit down in your “easy chair” tonight, pick up your phone and your arrears lists and make a couple of phone calls to past due members and find out why they have chosen not to renew their dues. Many may have just forgotten. Remind them that the Moose Fraternity has not changed it’s ideals since the member joined the Moose. If something has changed, more than likely it changed at their Lodge. You can help by finding out the problem and start the process of fixing the problem.

In closing, I would like to ask you to sit down and review your service to your lodge and your Moose Legion since you have received your Fellowship or your Pilgrim Degree. Have you continued to serve the Moose just like before you earned these degrees? If you had to, could you re-qualify to keep your Pilgrim or Fellowship Degrees? Start to re-qualify TODAY!


Fraternally yours,

Bruce Snider
International Moose Legion President





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