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Robert Neff
Robert Neff Director, Ritual and Higher Degrees
Phone: 630-966-2227
Primary Responsibilities

Pilgrims, Fellows and Moose Legionnaires of the Loyal Order of Moose, togetherwith College of Regents, Academy of Friendship and Star Recorder Degree holders of the Women of the Moose are encouraged to become members of the Council of Higher Degrees.


The by-laws state the purpose of the Council of Higher Degrees as:

a) To be actively involved in the retention of Lodge, Chapter and Moose Legion members.


b) To promote and support the programs of Moose Charities.


c) To honor all newly elevated members of the higher degrees.


d) To honor the memories of deceased members of the Council of Higher Degrees.


e) To promote the programs of the Loyal Order of Moose and the Women of the Moose.


f) To encourage fraternal and social unity, benevolence and charity among all members of the Order.

Of course the Councils’ main assigned responsibility and goal is to aid the Lodges, chapters and Moose Legions in the retention of active dues paying members through personal contact locally. This function, properly executed, can make a significant difference in our growth. Fraternal Units are encouraged to call on the Councils for assistance.


In addition to this main purpose of retaining members, Councils are to support Mooseheart, Moosehaven, and Moose Charities through various fund raising opportunities.  Annually recognizing new degree recipients is very much in line with our purpose.  As members of the Higher Degrees we should be in the forefront of support and promotion of Moose programs and lead the cause of fraternalism by example.


This group, at the Lodge, Chapter and Moose Legion level, may meet as often as desired to socialize, raise funds for Moose Charities and help with other fraternal endeavors.  One member of the group is selected as the Council Representative, and required to attend the Council of Higher Degree meetings on a regional level



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