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  Eligibility of Candidates------
  We are often asked if an officer resigns his position on the Board, is he eligible to run for office again the next year? The answer is yes, if he meets the qualifications outlined in Section 33.5 of the General Laws. However, if his resignation was at the request of a representative of Moose International, he cannot run for three (3) years. However, there are many valid reasons that officers must resign that simply could not have been anticipated. Therefore, the Nominating Committee should carefully weigh the reasons and make a decision that is in the best interest of the lodge. For additional information, please call us at 630-966-2207.  

We have had many questions about a lodge or chapter, wanting to make money by inviting the public to functions and keep the money.


The simple version of this is as follows. The Lodge, Chapter and Moose Legion may have no more than two (2) like events open to the public in a calendar year. These functions do require dispensation from the General Governor’s Office and the social quarters is closed to non-members (except qualified guests).




If your lodge decides that it would like to have a car show on September 8, 2012 open to the public, they have 364 days to have another car show. The lodge could have another car show before September 7, 2013 open to the public and keep the profits.


Your lodge decides that the lodge would like to have a steak fry on Saturday August 25, 2012 open to the public. They have 364 days to have another food function. The lodge could have another food function before August 24, 2013 open to the public and keep the profits.


(A food function is defined as; a dinner, pancake breakfast, luncheon, pig roast, chili cook-off, crab feast, BBQ). This is combined total of two (2),-not two (2) of every kind.

Examples of functions but not limited to;

Dinner Breakfast Casino Nights
Comedy show Dances Haunted House/Halloween
Car shows Lawn mower races  Craft Show
Oktoberfest BBQs Mother’s Day Brunch
Picnics  garage sales/flea market St. Patrick’s Day dinner

The Chapter and Moose Legion fall into this category also.

The only downside is, that the annual collective proceeds derived from the public should not exceed 35% of the lodge total income.


The only limitations could be the officer’s imagination and their ability to find someone that wants work hard to make the lodge succeed.


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