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Transcripts of reports from the Milwaukee Convention are posted only as we have received them and after they are delivered; if a particular report does not appear shortly following its presentation on the floor, it means we have not yet received the electronic text from the person who delivered it.
Reports are listed in the order received for posting

Supreme Council Report

Community Service and Fraternal Activities In Action - Shawn Baile

Mooseheart Report - Executive Director Gary Urwiler

Grand Regent Cathleen Russell Recap

Lodge Operations Report - Darrell O'Brien

Director General Report - Director General Scott Hart

Membership Department Report - Kurt Wiebe

State of the Order - Joseph Mech

Ritual, Moose Legion, Higher Degree Report - Bob Neff

Moose Legion Annual Conference Report - Bob Neff

Fraternalism At It's Best - Donald Ross

Keynote Address - Grand Chancellor Barb McPherson

Keynote Address - Director of Operations Judy Sisson


Moose Charities Board Report

Moosehaven Board Report

Mooseheart Board Report

Moose Charities Report - Janet Fregulia

Academy of Friendship Board Member Report - Charlene Welch

Academy of Friendship Board Member Report - Barb Riley

Academy of Friendship Board Member Report - Marsha Stewart

College of Regents Board Member Report - Cherylan Michaud

College of Regents Board Member Report - Cletus McManama

College of Regents Board Member Report - Peggy Shinn

Grand Council Member Report - Deanna Gramling

Grand Council Member Report - Jeanenne Lautzenheiser

Grand Council Member Report - Mary Cook

Grand Council Member Report - Yvonne King

Grand Regent Report - Cathey Russell

Jr Past Grand Regent Farewell - Carolyn Allen

Star Recorder Board Member Report - Arlene Jackman

Star Recorder Board Member Report - Deb Wessels

2012-2013 Premier Lodge Award Winners

Star Recorder Board Member Report - Marge Walter

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