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  Kurt Weibe
The Moose Publication Seminar is now available to you as an Electronic Interactive Edition. You may elect to view the seminar online or download the entire seminar for use on your personal computer.   Brenda Buschbacher
Executive Editor
Email: Brenda Buschbacher

An Approximately 30 minute interactive presentation to help you produce the best possible publication.

Please note that dial-up users may experience breakups of the audio portion of the seminar, should this occur, simply back up and restart the particular slide to correct the problem.

Clicking the link below will open a new window to allow viewing of the Publications Seminar in full screen mode.

Also available as a complete downloadable presentation for your use on your own or another computer system.

Clicking the link to the right will download the entire Publications Seminar to your computer. The download file size is 14.5 Megs.

Once downloaded, you will be asked for a folder in which to save the file, we suggest that you make a new folder on your computer to save to. Once saved, simply click the only .exe file in the download to run the program.





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