Chicopee Moose Lodge Holds Autism Awareness Fundraiser

April 22nd, 2014 - Viatra Baker, Web Content & Social Media Coordinator


The lure of Easter eggs is universal. This past weekend, the Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by the Snoqualmie Valley Moose Lodge brought in hundreds of children who came not just for candy and prizes, but for the thrill of snatching as many brightly colored plastic eggs as their little hands could hold.


The Easter Bunny himself made a special appearance at the Moose Lodge. After spending some time taking pictures with the children, the Easter Bunny led the little ones outside to the playground area where they gathered up the colorful, plastic candy-filled eggs which litered the field and were gone in no time.


This year's event was their biggest yet! We congratulate the members of Snoqualmie Valley Moose and look forward to hearing about more events from their lodge!


Sister and brother Emily and Jack share their goodies following the Easter Egg Hunt at the Snoqualmie Moose Lodge.

Friends Tanner, Braeden, Gracie, Megan and Chloe show off their haul from the Easter Egg Hunt at the Snoqualmie Valley Moose Lodge.