A Year of Celebration Coming to an End

March 18th, 2014 - Kim Thompson Assistant Director of Membership



Take advantage now of “Year of Celebration” special programs before they end!

Moose members have only six weeks left to promote our Year of Celebration! NOW is the time to see if you are within reach of earning your goals. Are you on track to have a gain in membership? Are you close to achieving the Premier Lodge Award? Have your made your membership goal? Put an action plan in place, divide your goals into weekly goals and promote, promote, promote! Table tents are still available for print on our website www.mooseintl.orgRemind your members:

  • Zero fee application is still in effect.  Once this program ends on April 30th the application fee will be re-instated.  NOW is the time to ask your family and friends to join at a limited-time, special rate. 
  • Sponsor two and earn free dues.  Have you contacted your members that have sponsored one member during the Moose-Go the Distance membership campaign?  They have until April 30th to sponsor another member to get a year’s free dues.  Remember the application must be reported by April 30th in order to qualify.
  • Thousand$ won during the Final Dash.  A final-quarter promotion has allowed many sponsors to call in and claim their share of cash during the Final Dash campaign.  Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday through April 30th, sponsors names will be listed on our website and they have 24 hours to call and claim their prize.
  • Do you have 25 Club members going to convention?  Have they qualified for the Moose 25 Club party yet?  They need to sign five members to receive an invitation.  Invitations will be mailed out in mid-May.
  • Lodges, Chapters and Moose Legions have an opportunity to win prizes during the Final Dash promotion.  Every Lodge, Chapter or Moose Legion unit that achieves or exceeds its goal will be entered into a drawing to win two free trips to the 2014 Moose International Convention in Las Vegas.  Multiple prizes for both Lodges and Chapters will be awarded.


Six weeks left until a “Year of Celebration” comes to a close – be sure you strive to be celebrating on April 30th!