Finley Moose Awards $500 to Deserving College Student

June 6th, 2014 - Viatra Baker, Web Content & Social Media Coordinator


The Loyal Order of Moose is dedicated to providing service to others and challenges people to become volunteers through their membership in the Moose. It calls for capable and inspired leadership and for a generous giving of thought, effort and time. There is an old adage that states, "Charity begins at home," and Moose members certainly take that statement to heart. No other fraternal organization can boast the fact that the support of its members makes possible both the operation of a premiere residential childcare facility and a modern and secure retirement community for its senior members. These are two achievements of which all Moose members are extremely proud.


The members of the Finley Moose Lodge #2681 and Chapter #2395 recognize that volunteer services in their local community are equally important. Since their inception over 5 years ago, the Finley Moose members have participated in multiple highway clean-up efforts, donated to In Step Church for Helping Hands, provided funds for the HVAC in their Community Center, built and financed a wheel chair ramp, and helped their local fire and law enforcement agencies.


As an incentive for the youth in their area to volunteer and contribute to bettering their local community, the Finley Moose recently set up a scholarship opportunity for college students who show not only scholastic achievements but an inate desire to help others.

After members of the Kennewick/Pasco Moose reviewed all of the applications, Karina Sanchez, a recent high school graduate and future student at the Dental Hygiene program at Tri-Tech Skills Center, was selected as the recipient of their 1st annual $500.00 scholarship.

We at Moose International are proud of the men and women from the Finley Moose Lodge/Chapter and congratulate them not only for their own community service efforts, but on also encouraging the youth in their area to join in and help make their local community a better place.