FBMA "Heard of Moose" Team Makes A Splash At The 2014 Polar Plunge

February 10th, 2014 - Scott Duncan, Guest Contributer


Watching the weather in the weeks leading up to the 2014 Polar Plunge at Sea World's Aquatica Water Park, with temperatures dipping into the thirties, one could only imagine just how cold the water could be. As it turns out, on the day of the plunge, Mother Nature smiled on Florida, and on February 1st, the temperatures rose to eighty degrees. There were clouds, and some light rain at times, but nothing could stop the Florida Bermuda Moose Association Heard of Moose from taking the plunge in support of Special Olympics of Florida.


As you entered the sandy beaches of the wave pools, sure enough there was the FBMA gathering near the front left of the seating area. Thirty eight plungers registered on our team this year and they brought a huge support group to cheer them on. Moose members from all over the state joined together to help raise over $7225 for this event. One new addition this year was Jay Long, FBMA Moose Riders Chairman,. He was challenged at the State Convention by FBMA Special Olympics Chairman, Gerry Ricke and Polar Plunge Coordinator, Carl Toth to warm up to the idea of cold water and take the plunge. In accepting the challenge Jay raised the most of all those Moose registered with $875. That's a great number for his first try. Let's see if he can get some of his fellow riders to jump in with him next year.


Speaking with some of the plungers from around the state, it's amazing how much our Moose Lodges and Chapters have become the Heart of their Communities by supporting events like these. Charles Plourde from Zephyrhills Lodge 2276, said this is one of his favorite events all year long. Our team sported T-shirts with the FBMA Heard of Moose design and the bright blue shirts stood out in the crowd. When the Palm Bay Moose showed up with bright orange shirts, we looked like true "Florida" supporters. (Go Gators!)


As far as milestones come and go, this years Polar Plunge raised over $250,000 for Special Olympics programs in Florida. Announced at the event, with this years amount, in five years of holding the plunge at Sea World's Aquatica, this program has topped the One Million Dollar mark. As its popularity grows, it just tells everyone to get ready for next year because its only going to get bigger and better.