Forest Park Chapter #1303 Brings Christmas to Nursing Home

DECEMBER 19th, 2013 - Viatra Baker, Web Content & Social Media Coordinator


Running from work to potlucks to the airport, furiously emailing on our phones, fighting bidding wars on eBay - the holiday season truly becomes a stressful time for many of us! But the holidays can also be a wonderful time to reflect on love, family, and generosity. Moose International is proud that so many of our members have shown that they are never too busy to spread the love and generosity of our family fraternity to those in their surrounding communities.


Forest Park Chapter #1303 did a fantastic job spreading our mission when they brought Christmas to the residents of Arrowhead Healthcare on Monday December 16th. Between sweet treats, gifts, and singing (two hours' worth!!), it's safe to say that Chapter #1303 left every single Arrowhead resident with holiday spirit.


Moose International would like to congratulate each and every member of Chapter #1303 for their community service efforts - you all truly recognize what our fraternity is all about. Keep up the good work!

Moose Lodge Chapter 1303 handed out Christmas gifts to every resident at Arrowhead Healthcare.

Chapter 1303 entertained residents at Arrowhead Healthcare with a surprise visit from Santa, gifts, and yummy treats.