Moose Legion Ritual Article

March 2013

BY: Lonnie Mudgett - Chairman Ritual Judging Committee

Lonnie Mudgett
Lonnie Mudgett
Ritual Juding Committee

We are the men who make things happen,
the men who get things done!


Hope says those words at every conferral. Do you ever really think about them?  It doesn't say someone else gets things done.  Ask yourself if you are doing what you can to help get things done.


Do you attend your Moose Lodge's Moose Legion Committee meetings?  Do you attend your Moose Legion quarterly meetings or the picnic or the recognition dinner?  You do not need to be a Director or Committee Chairman or a Conferral team member to help get things done.


Attend your Lodge Moose Legion committee meetings and make suggestions, or better yet, volunteer to help on projects.  Be visible in your lodge by wearing your regalia or your vest.  Yes, I know how it works when you volunteer.  Suddenly you find yourself deeply involved.


That's because we don't invite others to help.  Oh yeah, I know all the Moose Legionnaires are already involved!  Wait, why are we not asking those members who are not Moose Legionnaires to help?  


It is an opportunity for them to meet people and for us to tell them about all the things we as Moose Legionnaires do for our children at Mooseheart and our seniors at Moosehaven.  If we get them involved, we stand a better chance that they will say yes when you ask them to become a Proud Moose Legionnaire.


We as Moose Legionnaires must show our pride first.  Do not keep it a secret - let it show.  That just might have a very positive effect on retention and recruitment of new members.

Hey Hey, ain't it great to be a Moose Legionnaire?
What kind of Moose Legionnaire?


Lonnie Mudgett
Chairman Ritual Judging Committee