Moose Legion Ritual Article

February 2012

BY: Lonnie Mudgett - Chairman Ritual Judging Committee

Lonnie Mudgett
Lonnie Mudgett
Ritual Juding Committee


In the previous letter I talked about ritual and the importance of being word perfect. I would like to take some time now to talk about floor work and impressiveness. Floor movements are described in the Moose Legion ritual book and should be referred to often during the team's practices.


Unison moves are meant to be made by all team members at the same time from beginning to end. If a member moves faster or slower than the others that person will receive a hit. Another issue is uniformity - all positions must be uniform. Let's say during the prayer one member has his left arm over his right and the remaining members of the team have their right arm over the left - that person will take a hit for not being uniform.


Simple right? Well why do we still hit people for these moves. It could be because a team member takes a quick look around and says everything is ok or maybe no one looks to see if the team is uniform or in unison. I recommend that every team have someone other than a team member watching every move. The team needs to listen to the person and work on the problem.


On entering, the team must be uniform in rising, stepping forward and turning. This takes a lot of practice. Again you need someone to observe the movement and tell you if it was right or not. Do not rush any of these movements. During practice, you can also have someone say rise, (pause) step, (pause) turn. The more you practice this timing, the better you will become.


The same applies for vacating. When you reach your chair, pause long enough for the last man to be in front of his chair, then turn again, someone could say turn, and after the team turns they can say sit, and the team sits and together puts their hands in a uniform position. Wait for the judges to applaud.


Moving to and from position 8 is important. First off, Position 8 is 5 feet from the very front edge of the alter (that's the edge closest to you, the ritualists) and yes there are some who debate this. Now position 8 is as wide as an official alter which is 32 inches. For practice, I recommend that you mark this on the floor so everyone can see it.


As you practice, everyone can see when a teammate enters and leaves position 8 and they can also see if a ritualist walks forward in position 8 with out stopping to establish the position before moving around in position 8. When the ritualist vacates position 8 he must turn but not by turning both feet at the same time. A pivot works real well, however, you can do it the way that is good for you without turning both feet. On entering and vacating - travel the most direct route you are able to. Be careful of making wide loops.


This covers most of the mechanics please be sure to read the book and follow it. The book is what the judges go by. Remember: Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.


Impressiveness - what is it? How do I please all the judges? Some judges like one style and another likes a different style. I get the same comments every year. I can't be phony, it's the way I am. I'm not an actor. RIGHT?


You've said it or have heard it and so has every judge heard these comments. We have all heard good speakers who deliver their message and make you want to go out and buy or join something and we have heard bad speakers who put you to sleep or make you wish you were somewhere else. Which one are you, think about it? Can you show a little more feeling and enthusiasm?


I notice so many times that you have a nice smile however you tend to hide it. Think about this, that smile helps you to appear friendly and it makes your voice sound friendly. Remember, the speaker you liked. His delivery was what made you believe that he believed in what ever he was talking about.


My bet is that YOU love the "Moose" and what it stands for so why not let it show? I've seen you talking to your friends, if you talked to the candidates with similar enthusiasm and forget about the judges, I feel your impressiveness would not be a problem.


But most of all you must practice and ask your teammate how you sound. It's hard to tell a person what makes them impressive but you will know it when you feel it. Practice saying your part and listen to yourself. Do you like it or do you love it?


Add some gestures that help to put emphasis on what you are saying. Just let them happen, don't be quick, just let them flow


The judges would love to put on a school or judge a competition for you. How do you set it up? Your team captain, Moose Legion Secretary or Ambassador may contact Robert A. Neff Director of Ritual & Higher Degrees at - Office: 630-966-2227 to make the request.


What are the requirements for requesting a school? More than one team, to begin with. Multiple teams are preferred, which takes some coordination and effort but you can also learn from each other. If a school is requested and approved, Moose International pays the travel for one judge. You pay the hotel and per diem.


If you just have a competition you pay travel, hotel and per diem. If you request more than one judge you pay the travel hotel and per diem for the second judge. Something extra you could have at your school is to invite the board of directors for all jurisdictions in your area. The judge will include a session for them. It is important that the directors know the proper manner to set up and conduct a meeting.


We are looking for Moose Legionnaires who have a desire to become a judge. We will be scheduling a school and testing for potential judges. This will be at your own expense. The plan now is to conduct this session at the Tampa Convention, probably on Monday, July 2nd.


If you are interested please submit your name, address and phone number to myself or Robert Neff at: - Office: 630-966-2227 or myself. Lonnie Mudgett, Chairman of the Judging Committee at: phone: 989-751-0807


Lonnie Mudgett Chairman of the Judging Committee

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