Moose Legion Ritual Article

August 2012

BY: Lonnie Mudgett - Chairman Ritual Judging Committee

Lonnie Mudgett
Lonnie Mudgett
Ritual Juding Committee

The Ritual Competition is over and we had 25 teams this year. Thank you to each team that competed. I would also like to recognize the Florida Moose Legions. They had seven teams in the competition. Way to go FLORIDA!  The competition was very tough we had 16 teams within 3 points of each other.


Congratulations to


High Score
August J. Prestano from Sailfish Moose Legion 197


1st place team
Tennessee - Volunteer Moose Legion 12 


2nd place team
Florida - South Florida Moose Legion 46 


3rd place team
Colorado - Pikes Pike Moose Legion 156       


4th place team
Virginia - Bull Run Moose Legion 185 


5th place team
Texas - Lone Star Moose Legion 97


The remaining teams are well within striking distance.


We had a Ritualist Banquet on Monday evening for both the WOTM ritualist and the Moose Legion ritualist. Over five hundred ritualist and friends attended. When the meal was completed the awards were given out alternating between the women and the men.

There was no rushing. Everyone had their moment of recognition.  Just like the days gone by! We are on the move.  Get your team together for next year.  The more teams we have the better things get.


NOW is the time to start practicing / Get a team together!

Lonnie Mudgett
Chairman Ritual Judging Committee