Moose Legion Ritual Article

August 2011

BY: Lonnie Mudgett - Chairman Ritual Judging Committee

Lonnie Mudgett
Lonnie Mudgett
Ritual Juding Committee


Moose Legion Conferral Competition is over for this year and it is time to start planning for the next one in Tampa Fl. June 29 - July 4, 2012.  Every ritualist has heard the same thing for years, words, words, words.  So the question is, how do you fix it?  First, read the book, at least read your part.  But you must actually ‘see the words’ as you read.  Do not just skim over them.  Do this (reading and seeing of words) a lot.


Next, say the part.  Did you say all the words?  Truthfully, you really can’t be sure, can you?  Now get someone to follow you in the book and watch each word.  Do not rush through your words; rather take your time, its practice.  Ask the person following the words to stop you as soon as you miss, miss pronounce, substitute a word or miss a pause to stop you and tell what you did. 


Then, repeat the part and continue on.  Again do this a lot.  Say your part every day and read the part “seeing the words” and remember, don’t rush.  Now ask yourself, do you want to be a champion, or just a player?


In another article we will talk about floor work and impressiveness.  For now let’s talk about teams.  There were 19 teams at the competition in California and I thank each of them for competing.  I hope that in Tampa we have at least 40.  It is up to us to Create Some Interest in the program.  Start practicing and raising funds NOW!!


The judges would love to put on a school or judge a competition for you.  How do you set it up?  Your Team Captain, Secretary or Ambassador may contact Robert A. Neff, Director of Ritual & Higher Degrees at - Office: 630-966-2227 to make such a request.


What are the requirements for requesting a school?  It must be scheduled in advance and must be for more than one team.  If a school is requested and approved, Moose International pays the travel for one assigned judge and you pay the hotel and per diem.  If you just have a competition and request a judge then you pay travel, hotel and per diem.  


If you have a competition and a school, Moose International will pay travel for one judge and you pay for the hotel and per diem.  If you request more than one judge you pay the travel, hotel and per diem for the additional judge(s).


Something extra you could have at your school is to invite the board of directors for all jurisdictions in your area.  The judge will include a session for them.  It is important that the directors know the proper manner to set up and conduct a meeting.


We are looking for Moose Legionnaires who have a desire to become a judge. We will be scheduling a school and testing for potential judges, once we know who and where they will come from.  Attendance will be at your own expense.


If you are interested in possibly becoming a ritual judge, please submit your name, MID number, address and phone number to myself or to Robert Neff, - Office: 630-966-2227.  You can contact me, Lonnie Mudgett (Chairman of the Ritual Judging Committee) at:  - phone 989-751-0807.


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