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Darrell E O'Brien
Director, Lodge Operations
Phone: 630-966-2224


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2013-2014 Premier Lodge Award

During the year beginning May 1, 2013 and ending April 30, 2014, in order to earn the Premier Lodge Award the Lodge must:


1) Increase Active Membership over the fiscal year ended 4/30/2013

2) Increase in Endowment Fund donations over the fiscal year ended 4/30/2013
Lodge per capita contributions to the Endowment Fund during the fiscal year ended    4/30/2014 must equal or exceed the fraternity-wide per capita average of $5.14 per member (as established during the prior 2 calendar years)

3) Submit all Community Service Reports by established deadlines

4) Submit all Lodge Safety Inspection Forms by established deadlines

5) Indebtedness on the monthly Moose International Consolidated Billing Statement is less at April 30, 2014 than the balance due shown on the May of 2013 statement

6) Submission of Moose of the Year nomination form by established deadline.

7) Transmit the April 30, 2014, monthly financial reports by May 10, 2014.


***At the discretion of the General Governor, a Lodge may be disqualified from earning the Premiere Lodge Award for failing to abide by our General Laws, including, but not limited to, failure to be represented at the International Moose Convention.


REVISED 04/23/2013


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