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Darrell E O'Brien
Director, Lodge Operations
Phone: 630-966-2224

2014 Moose of the Year - Electronic Submission Open Through July 1, 2014

All lodges are encouraged to submit a member to be recognized as the lodge's Moose of the Year. The submission of a Moose of the Year selection remains a criterion of the Premier Lodge Award Program. The selection process is no different than in previous years. The Junior Past Governor is the Chairman of the Moose of the Year selection committee. He, along with three other Past Governors of the lodge, chooses the member to be recognized as the Moose of the Year. The only absolute requirement to be selected is the member's Moose dues must be current. In most cases, we expect the selection committee will identify a member who has put forth substantial effort in the prior year to better the lodge, support our children and seniors or improve the local community in the name of the Lodge. There is no paper form to complete or narrative to write.


The name of the selected member is provided to the same person who maintains your Lodge Officer entry through the online administrative functions. The selected recipient need not be kept confidential. On the contrary, the Lodge should make an announcement in an appropriate manner and continue to recognize their Moose of the Year selection until another selection is made next year.


  • Login to your ADMIN screen as you normally would do.
  • Place your mouse-pointer over “Forms” on the menu bar.  Left-Click on “Awards”.  This will take you to the Awards Screen.
  • Next to Awards, "Moose of the Year 2014" should already appear. If not, Left-Click the down-arrow on the right side of the drop-down box and Left-Click on "Moose of the Year 2014."
  • Next to Members, Left-Click the down-arrow on the right side of the drop-down box. ALL currently Active Members will appear in the list alphabetically by last name. Scroll through the list and Left-Click on the Lodge's submission for Moose of the Year recognition.
  • Left-Click the Save button on the lower portion of the screen.
  • The Lodge's selection will appear on the list of prior Moose of the Year recipients since 2013.
  • If an incorrect selection has been saved for the 2014 Moose of the Year, Left-Click the word Delete located to the left of the current selections name. You will be prompted "Are you sure you want to delete this award record?"  Left-Click "Yes" to delete the record or Left-Click "No" to keep the current selection.


Repeat the process above for selecting and saving a member from the drop-down list of Active Members.


Once your selection is complete and appears in the list of prior Moose of the Year recipients, you may select another function from the left side of the menu bar or Left-Click "Logout" on the right side of the menu bar to exit the ADMIN program.


The online Moose of the Year submission function is now available and the deadline for submission remains July 1st, just as in prior years. Subsequent to the cutoff, we will print a 2014 Lodge Moose of the Year certificate for those members whose names were submitted. The certificates will be sent to the respective Moose International Association Liaison who will arrange for their appropriate distribution and presentation.






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