Welcome to the Moose International Education and Training Site! Our small, but dedicated staff, works in conjunction with our 500+ volunteer field Trainers to ensure that Moose Lodges, Chapters, Moose Legions, are trained for success. Together, we strive for excellence as we:

  • Develop role-specific instructor-led leadership courseware for Officers, Directors, and Committees
  • Develop virtual training solutions (e.g., online demos and tools) for all target audiences
  • Provide printable resources that supplement our training solutions
  • Support field staff and general membership

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Online Training

Lodge Leadership/House Committee

Lodge Operations Overview
House Committee Operations

Lodge Leadership/House Committee Assessment Test


May be taken before or after completing the above overviews. A score of 80% or higher is required to receive credit for Lodge Leadership/House Committee certification.


Lodge Curriculium
Lodge Leadership Courses - Required for all officers  
  ADMN Description
ADMN Schedule
ADMN Registration
Administrator School Trainers
  2-HOTT Description
2-HOTT Schedule
2-HOTT Registration
2-HOTT Trainers
  TiPS Information Brochure
TiPS Newsletter (Current Issue)
TiPS for Hosting a Responsible Holiday Party

Tips Trainers

(for instructor-led training)

(for online training)

  Path of Knowledge Completion
Form - 'Financial Reports

Officer Training Requirements
Leadership Registration Form
Leadership Curriculum Description

 REQUIRED COURSES for all Officers:
Lodge Leadership/House Committee Schedule
Recommended Workshops:
Leadership Trainers


Chapter Curriculum
2-HOTT Training - Maintained by Education & Training:
Though the 2-HOTT (2-Day Hands-on Technical Training) has been designed to accommodate the technical training needs of Chapter Recorders, it it recommended for all Co-Workers. Chapter-specific exercises are included in the 2-HOTT course to allow WOTM an opportunity to practice both LCL.net and QuickBooks data entry tasks.
Women wishing to earn their Star Recorder Degree must complete a 2-HOTT course between January 1st, 20XX (e.g., 2011) and April 30th 20XX (e.g., 2012) in order to qualify for this degree (see Women of the Moose General Laws).
2-HOTT Schedule
Attendance in a 2-HOTT course is REQUIRED every year for Recorders working towards their honors
Attendance in a 2-HOTT course is REQUIRED every other year for Star Recorders holding consecutive terms as Recorder!
Additional online LCL.net and QuickBooks resources:

2008 Recorder Audit LCL Wkbk

2008 Recorder Audit QB Wkbk

Chart of Accounts Overview - for All Units'


WOTM How to Depreciate Paraphernalia


Chapter Audit Report


Service Chapter Audit Report


Chapter Audit Report Handbook


WOTM Training -
Maintained by WOTM Headquarters

A 6-hour WOTM Training Session has been designed by the WOTM Headquarters to teach WOTM business operations, policies, and procedures. Though the primary audience for this session is Chapter Officers, all Co-Workers are encouraged to attend!
WOTM Training Session
  Attendance in a WOTM Training Session course is REQUIRED every year for Recorders, Sr. Regents, and/or Jr. Graduate Regents working towards their honors!
Chapter Analyst Coordinator


Moose Legion Curriculum
Supplemental Resources
Moose Legion Agenda/Minutes Template
Moose Legion Celebration Checklist
Moose Legion Audit Prep Checklist
REQUIRED for all Moose Legion Directors:
MLEC Description
MLEC Schedule
MLEC Registration
MLEC Trainers
REQUIRED for all Moose Legion Secretaries:
SEC Course Description
SEC Schedule
SEC Registration
SEC Trainers
NOTE: Moose Legion Secretaries MUST have completed a 2-HOTT course AND and MLEC course before enrolling in the SEC Course!
2-HOTT Registration
Access the Moose Legion area to view additonal Moose Legion resources (see examples below)

Code of Rules


Lodge Committee Guide to Success Handbook Installation of Directors Handbook

2-HOTT Class Info
(2-Day Hands-On
Technical Training
  2-HOTT Description
2-HOTT Schedule
2-HOTT Registration
A computer is required for this class! Please plan on bringing your unit's computer or your own computer-with QuickBooks already loaded
  2-HOTT Student Checklist
Though some training locations do provide computers; most do not. PLEASE contact your session Trainer at least 1 week before class to confirm computer availability for your session!
2-HOTT Trainers
REQUIRED Materials for class -
Please print your own!
2-HOTT LCL v2.1 Participant Guide
2-HOTT QuickBooks Participant Guide
2-HOTT QuickBooks Training Job Aid
Before, During, or After Class TOOLS:

Accepting Credit Cards

ATM Process

Chart of Accounts Simplified Version

Chart of Accounts Overview - for All Units

Inventory Chart

LCL Resource Manual-Fraternal Units

LCL and QuickBooks Installation Guide

NSF Check Process

Process for Entering Cash Purchases on Social Quarters Sales Receipts

Quickbooks Dues Procedure

Quickbooks 2007 User Resource Manual - Updates Coming Soon

Sales Tax Calculator

Setting Preferences in QuickBooks

Recorder Session NSF Check Posting by  Invoice

Recorder Session Other Check Processes

Virtual Classroom
 What WE Offer....    
Weekly House Committee Envelope Instructions
Moose International Mission Infographic.
An interactive visual tour of the Moose Organization Mission.
How to locate payments to Moose Charities or another vendor

How to Verify Proper Bill Entries in QuickBooks


How to Adjust Inventory in QuickBooks


How to View Receipts/Deposits in QuickBooks


How to Transmit Applications in LCL.net

How to Enter Officers
990 Tax Forms and Help Information
Use LCL to Track Volunteers
Inventory Chart
Sales Tax Calculator
Process for Entering CASH purchases on Social Quarters Sales Receipts
Accepting Credit Cards
ATM Process
  What yOU mAY nEED----
An Internet connection & browser

A computer with the following preloaded:

Flash Player 9.0 or higher (to play videos)


Adobe Reader 5.0 or higher (to open pdf files)

Misc: Headphones, speaker phone, printer, long-distance telephone
Printable Materials



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