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Executive Editor
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Moose Magazine is the official publication of Moose International, distributed quarterly to all members of the Loyal Order of Moose and available to all members of the Women of the Moose. The magazine depends on news contributions from Lodges and Chapters. Thus, Lodges and Chapters, through their Publications Chairman or other appropriate personnel, are encouraged to send information and photos of important events pertaining to or occurring in the Lodge.

Digital photo prints, sent as ATTACHMENT(s) to an email (not incorporated into a Word document) are preferred. But please EDIT what you take; and attach what you feel are the best two or three (maximum) representative shots to an email addressed to editorial@mooseintl.org. Photos must be taken in high resolution for use in print production. Submittals consisting of "emptying the photo card," attaching and sending every exposure taken, will be ignored and discarded. Please include clear caption information as to what is occurring in the image(s), including left-to-right identifications of persons and their titles in a small group (fewer than ten).

If actual color prints are placed in the mail to us, please DO NOT write on back of photos! (When stacked, the ink goes onto photo underneath & ruins it!)

Complete the form, available on this page, each time you submit details of your Lodge/Chapter news event to be published in Moose Magazine. The information listed below will provide facts for a caption or captions, or occasionally a full story, which the editors of Moose Magazine will write. Publications Chairmen who desire to write their own story should include the information listed below. Also, submit any pertinent newspaper clippings, programs, etc., to insure full coverage of the story.

We invite you to print out and copy this form; keep a supply on hand.

Please realize that Moose Magazine receives many story submittals; it may be several months before your information appears. Moose Magazine's editors can not guarantee your story will run, and we reserve the right to decline any submittals.