November Message from Tim Gowdey

Greetings Brothers;

Moose Legionnaires, a year from now we will all be talking about what an AWESOME time we had at the Moose Legion Ritual Competition and Conference in Oklahoma City.  That’s right, after nine years we are back to an all Moose Legion weekend event.

I certainly remember what a great time I had in Biloxi and Laughlin and the other places I had the privilege to travel to and Judge Ritual.  And of course I remember the good friends I made over those three day weekends.  It’s nice to think that, at least for 2018, that awesome weekend opportunity will be back.

That is what we asked for after all.  We were disappointed when our Ritual program seemed to take a step backward and go from two competitions to one. We asked for changes, wrote letters and sent emails.  And our fraternal leaders listened.  They heard our concerns and acted.  They gave us another chance, and now it is up to us.

We must show those leaders that their faith in us is justified.  We must take our revamped ritual program and run with it. We must make Ritual relevant again.  We have a year to do that.  We have 12 months to hone our skills, build our teams, and more importantly, get more teams in competition.

It will be a challenge, but I believe that you dedicated Moose Legionnaires are up to the task.  Please, look around.  There are probably a bunch of new Moose Legion members who have never seen a Lodge Enrollment or a properly done Moose Legion Conferral.  They might jump at the chance to travel, to make new friends, and to go head to head in competition against the best of the best.

You will never know unless you reach out with a friendly hand (and maybe a Ritual book).  It won’t be easy, but it can be done.  It has to be done, if we are going to survive.

As some of us used to say; “Thanks for your attention, and your participation.”


Tim Gowdey, Chairman