November Message from Mike Hauf

The Holidays are about to be upon us and all of us are running around trying to get things done. Did you remember to help with the retention efforts of your jurisdiction? Are you missing the company of one of your acquaintances that you sponsored last year or a few years ago? Have you checked up on the members you sponsored that are on the arrears list?

Better yet have you even seen the arrears list in the last few months? Is the Jr. Past President working retention? Are there too many questions for this little article? Maybe so, but we all need to remember to check on our members and invite them to an activity, celebration, or holiday festival, something to help activate and make their membership worthwhile.

While you are inviting the current members to activities why not ask a few lodge members to join in the fun too. Don’t forget to have some M L applications handy as you tell them the story of the Moose Legion and our history of service to others while having fun.

Does your Moose Legion have a membership program running? Do you know what it is and how it works? If not, maybe you could check with your Lodge Moose Legion Committee’s Assistant Secretary to get the latest information of any ongoing membership campaign. This is the time of the year to show a new member how much fun we have doing good in the community.

Remember to consider setting up a mini celebration to confer any of the new members you can get to your holiday events. There are many members that are still waiting to be conferred.  We need to confer them when we have the ability. A celebration ritual conferral is always the best way to confer a new member but the conferral disk is always an option if there is not a ritual staff available. It is the duty of the sponsor to get his new member to a conferral and he is rewarded with an additional member credit for that effort.

Remember the First Responder program is still active till December 31. We need to look at the members we have gained and ask them if they would join with us to help support our children, seniors and communities the only way we know how, the Moose way.

From Colleen and myself a wondrous holiday season!  We are about to celebrate Thanksgiving and we are thankful for each of you.  Perhaps consider giving the gift of membership as our various December traditions and celebrations come upon us, however your family happens to do it!

Michael L Hauf

International Moose Legion President