Moose Online Training

Members, while highly encouraged to attend instructor-led courses when possible, can now broaden their own conceptual knowledge and skills via our self-paced learning modules.

Each learning module has built-in quizzes so that you may gauge your learning and retention.  You may repeat any part of the module as many times as you like.  You have unlimited time in which to complete each module and you may exit the program, opting to return where you left off or begin new.

Please Note: In order to receive credit for training in any of the following courses, participants must successfully complete the corresponding assessment test(s) with a score of 80% or higher. Assessment tests must be completed in one sitting within a two hour time period.  You may retake the assessment tests as often as you would like. Once you have passed the test, your membership record will reflect your successful completion of training within 24 hours.

Choose from the following “For Credit” online training: or choose from our very beneficial supplemental, not eligible for credit, e-learning opportunities: