Moose News

  • Premier Lodge Award Appeals - If your lodge was not among the Premier Lodge Award recipients announced at Convention, you may request via e-mail, to have the lodge’s award eligibility reviewed. Read more for details.
  • Heart of the Community Initiative at Convention - Moose members from all across North America helped the homeless for this year's Heart of the Community initiative at Convention. Read more for details.
  • Convention Updates - We hope everyone enjoys the 2017 International Moose Convention in Tampa! View the most recent updates here.
  • Magazine Survey: 2017 August/September Issue - Answer the following questions for the chance to be featured in the 2017 August/September issue of Moose Magazine!
  • Moose Training Double Rewards - Moose International is offering double points for officer training during April, May, June and July. Read more for details.
  • Story Submissions - Tell us about the good work of your Lodge/Chapter for the chance to be featured on the Moose International website or the Heard of Moose? Facebook page!