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Two years ago, I looked out my office window and noticed a group of younger adults, Millennials, sitting on the steps of the Campanile. Each hour that passed, I saw a few more joining the group. Knowing this is the largest generation in the history of the United States (76 million strong), I felt compelled to walk over and ask what they were waiting for. One stood and spoke for the whole saying, “We are waiting for the opportunity to connect with Moose in a space that meets our generation’s needs and fits the lifestyle of our young working families.” I replied, “That place doesn’t currently exist in our organization.” The group responded in unison, “We know. We can’t find it anywhere, but know if there was one organization that could boldly step out and create that new space, it would be the Moose.” I said, “Let me talk with the Supreme Council and get back with you!” Want the answer… on the New Moose Experience link under Programs & Events. Thank you for being a Moose Visionary!