July/August Message from Kimberly Pettit

Not in my wildest of dreams would I have thought that sitting in my bedroom doing my homework as a school-aged girl hearing the women of Dubuque Chapter #850 hold their Enrollment and Business meetings in the basement of our home, that someday I would stand here before all of you accepting this appointment to be your Grand Regent…….WOW!!!!!

What I learned all those years ago, was the love my parents, Bill and Theresa, had and has for this great Fraternity. They taught me that being part of an organization isn’t what you can get out of it for yourself but instead it is what you can give to the organization to make it bigger and better.  Teaching me the importance of giving selflessly for the benefit of others, again not what will benefit me? They taught me to have fun with our members at our Moose Family Center, respect for the members that we work with throughout the years…..there is so much to learn from the men and women who went before us and paved the way that we travel in making Mooseheart and Moosehaven great for the Children and Seniors and our communities.

So in December 2016 as I looked at that envelope sitting on the steps, where Mike had put it so I would see it when I came home from work.  Like the other envelopes that have come over the years from Moose International…….my heart started to flutter, I sat down on those steps, opened it and read that first word, “Congratulations.” I almost stopped breathing……thank God I didn’t.

I showed the letter to my husband, he looked at me, hugged me and said “What an honor! I am so proud of you!”  My reflection was, “no, I alone didn’t earn this, every single man and woman from the lodges, chapters and those at this conference helped me in this journey in the Moose.  We all attained this appointment and I am overjoyed to be our representative.

In the next year, I look forward to working with all of the members in continuing to build the Moose programs.  Many programs that include the Baby Boomers, Generation X’s and Y’s and our newest group the Millennials.  We need each other to keep this wonderful organization moving forward and growing. A smile, nod of the head, friendly handshake and a “Howdy Do”, is all it takes to keep someone coming back and joining in all the fun programs this organization has to offer them.

When a new member asks if they can help, don’t ever tell them no or turn them away; give them your job. As a member who has been around you will always find something to do. As a new member they need to learn from you.  Take the time to communicate and educate members of the importance of our organization.  Never turn a member away who wants to help, even if they are not part of the committee; always say yes and be happy for the help.

Many hands make light work.  This we saw recently in all the community service projects that took place at many of the Mid-year conferences.

Let’s stop the habit of inviting our members in the front door only to lose them out the back.  We need each other, from age 21 to 100, everyone brings something to the table. The Millennials, Generation X’ers and Y’s and yes us Baby Boomers.  Let us move forward into this next year signing up new members and more importantly retaining all those members you signed up this past year.

On one personal note if I may, Mom please forgive me for not telling you this great news, I was under the strictest of orders to not discuss with anyone but my husband. I hope you will understand.  I thank you for having me join the Women of the Moose 43 years ago and showing me the love you have for this Fraternity.

Members, we will travel this path together during 2017-2018. I look forward to learning so much from all of you as I travel to your States and Provinces. I hope that I will impart to you knowledge, hard work, laughter, fun and wisdom.  Lastly, my friends, I give to all of you, my head, my heart and all that I have as I serve as your Grand Regent for this next year.